Tmax Interview With Sammy Sas @tmaxsinger @RealSammysas @Ngospelmedia

Tmax Interview With Sammy Sas | @tmaxsinger @RealSammysas @Ngospelmedia

Do unto others what you will have them do unto you. Words from Nigerian Born Singer, Song writer, Script Writer and Video Director, Tmax. On his exclusive celebrity of the week chat interview. Hosted by Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Pls can we meet you?

Tmax: Name is Maxwell Okereke (Tmax)

Sammy Sas: How was it like growing up?

Tmax: Grew up in Lagos, surulere to be precise
Tmax: Started singing from the children’s choir,before moving up to the adult choir and still singing till date

Sammy Sas: When did you realised you wanted to do music professionally?

Tmax: I always had the mind to do it officially from my young age,  I always watch other big singers then am felt one day I will also sing like them.. But I started doing my own songs officially when I got into the University

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Sammy Sas: So how do you come about the name “Tmax”?

Tmax: My name is Maxwell,  most people call me Max… Max Can also mean maximum, so it just so happened when i was in university a couple of friend started calling me the maximum especially because I was quite popular for my singing in the school, so hence the name tmax….

Sammy Sas: Nice
Sammy Sas: Tell us about your achievement’s and major moments, since the inception of your professional career?

Tmax: I have recorded plenty of singles and have released an album, in 2011 titled “Expression” done a couple of collaborations and also been privileged to minister at various events both home and abroad. . Presently working on a 2nd album

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Sammy Sas: What type of music do you do?

Tmax: Gospel music and I have a couple of love songs

Sammy Sas: What lead you into Gospel music?

Tmax: It’s something I’ve always had passion in,  and I’ve also been in the choir all my life

Sammy Sas: With your experience in the Gospel scene, what do you think is the major challenge faced in the Nigeria Gospel music industry?

Tmax: Support is the major problem…. There are so many secular record labels and sponsors out there, that put their songs and the artists in the spot light to shine, so many secular TV and radio stations who promote secular music more than the gospel songs which are only played maybe on Sundays………  We have wealthy Christians who can take up this responsibility of setting up platforms to put Gospel music… Setting up records labels and promoting young gospel artist before they go secular, owning TV and radio station that will constantly put out gospel music on repeat and replay all day, everyday…. This will go a long way to give gospel music the recognition it deserves

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Sammy Sas: From a scale of 1-10 how much do you know your culture and tradition?

Tmax: 7

Sammy Sas: What ethnic group/State are you from?

Tmax: Igbo… Abia state

Sammy Sas:  Which local meal can you prepare very well?

Tmax: None… Except the general popularly know ones

Sammy Sas: So what’s your favourite meal?

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Tmax: Jellof rice also love vegetable soup

Sammy Sas: Your favourite colour is?

Tmax: Blue

Sammy Sas: If you were asked to do a collaboration with three secular musicians, who would you pick?

Tmax: I do gospel

Sammy Sas: So you can’t welcome any feature from a secular artiste?

Tmax: Not on a gospel song

Tmax: Just like you rarely or never at all see a secular artist featuring a gospel artist in their song….

Sammy Sas: So apart from music,what else is Tmax,into?

Tmax: I do music videos and movies,  I direct and script

Sammy Sas: Who are your role models in music and ministry?

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Tmax: Kirk Franklin, I love his pattern of music, apart from him I listen to a variety of music and artist as long as you do good music

Sammy Sas: Apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

Tmax: David

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite Bible verse?

Tmax: Psalm 37:4 delight yourself in the lord and he will fulfill the desires of your heart

Sammy Sas: So if you were to be an animal, which animal would you be?

Tmax: A lion

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite quote?

Tmax: Do unto others what you will have them do unto you

Sammy Sas: What’s your advise to aspiring and upcoming Gospel musicians?

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Tmax: Focus on God not on the fame or money and he will elevate you

Sammy Sas: So where do you see your career in 5 years time?

Tmax: It’s not a career it’s a passion and a lifestyle…  I see it blessings and touching more lives all around the world

Sammy Sas: Do you think it’s a necessity for a Christian to Speak in tongues?

Tmax: I can’t really say but I think it’s important for every Christian  to earnestly seek it

Sammy Sas: So how can your fans reach you on social Media?

Tmax: Facebook is tmax Maechi okereke

Tmax: Instagram @tmaxofficial
Tmax: Twitter @tmaxsinger

Sammy Sas: So your last words for your fan’s in diaspora?

Tmax: I appreciate your love and support, never stop loving and serving God…

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Sammy Sas: Thank you for your time Bro?

Tmax: You welcome bro
Tmax: Thank you

Sammy Sas: I know you must have enjoyed Our Special Celebrity interview Of the Year 2017, In welcoming You All and The World At Large, into 2017, A Year of Hard and putting More Efforts in What Ever You Are Doing… Therefore make it a date with me next week on your No1 Urban Gospel blog for participation and inquiries call/whatsapp +2347068211976 Facebook Sammy SAS. Twitter @RealSammySAS. have a glorious week ahead.You will be fine. Deuces You can Support Us here, by sharing this Celebrity Interview, to your Social Media Profiles, Through our Social Media Buttons Below the Articles. Remain Blessed This 2017.





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