Marvel Joks Interview with Sammy SAS @RealSammySAS @Marvel Joks

Marvel Joks Interview with Sammy SAS | @RealSammySAS @Marvel_Joks

There is no other form of Music apart from Gospel Music. Words from Nigerian Born, International  Worship Leader and Music Director, Marvel Joks. On his exclusive interview with Star reporter, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Marvel Joks: My name is Min. Marvel Joks. And am a Gospel Music Minister, conference speaker, writer, author, and international pioneer Music director of Omega Fire Ministry, under the leadership of my Spiritual Father Apostle Johnson Suleman.  Am the CEO of Joks Music, and the visioneer of WORLD CHANGERS MUSIC TEAM INTL.  A team that builds music ministers and also win souls for the Kingdom through the mandate God gave us to FILL THE EARTH WITH WORSHIP. And we do this by Organizing conferences, worship meetings, music ministers’ seminars and giving out My music album for free in most cases. Am Marvel Joks a Gospel Music Evangelist

Sammy Sas: So tell me about your early days growing up?

Marvel Joks: Growing up for me was interesting, because I grew up in church as a church boy. My father was a pastor, now a Reverend of the Assemblies of God Church. So I grew up in church. However not in a particular place ‘Cos Pastors get transferred every now and then. It was adventurous, getting to change school, meet new friends. But then it’s disadvantage is my repeating some classes hmmmm… But growing up for me was great, My Parents thought me the way of the lord, and how ministry works. Growing up was beautiful…

Sammy Sas: Hmmm… That’s Amazing… so when did you realised you have a passion for music?

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Marvel Joks: Well music has always been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Music is my call, my passion and my life. So it’s been inside me since childhood. I was Eight (8) Years old  when I joined the senior choir in my church. So music has been a Part of me for long.

Sammy Sas: What kind of music do you do?

Marvel Joks: Well it depends. If it’s about Genre of music, then I would say Soft Rock. But if it’s about whether it’s Gospel or Secular, I do strictly Holy Ghost filled, life changing, Gospel Music.

Sammy Sas: Tell us was it because your father, been a pastor, the reason you went into Gospel music or you never had any secular artist you loved as a teenager?

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Marvel Joks: Well in my teenage age of ignorance as a young Singer I use to do voice training with boys2men. Those were  my days of thinking music is all about your vocal prowess  hmmm.  However apart from the purpose of rehearsals in my teenage days, I never did Love Secular music. And for the reason I went into Gospel Music, it’s not because my Dad is a Pastor BUT BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER FORM OF MUSIC APART FROM GOSPEL MUSIC. What the world calls secular music today is a PERVERSION of Gods original intent for music. I can’t say all here (you should come to one of our conferences to get a full Revelation understanding of Gods original intent for Music.) So I do Gospel music Because I AM CALLED BY GOD TO SAVE SOULS THROUGH THE INSTRUMENTALITY OF MUSIC. PREACHING AND SINGING GODS WORD to heal our Land.

Sammy Sas: So with your experience so far, what do you think is the major challenge/problem in the Nigerian Gospel music industry?

Marvel Joks: Well I believe the major challenge in Gospel music is the church not welcoming and treating Music ministers as Clergy’s. Treating music ministers as Entertainers needed to entertain people and also a means and medium of gathering crowd. This age long attitude has driven Music minister rogue, and make them look for livelihood by other means. I believe if the church system welcomes music ministers, the Music industry will take a better shape.

Sammy Sas: Being the face of Omega Fire Ministry, and the Music director of the commission, having recently embarked on some tours, kindly tell us about your achievement, since the inception of your professional career?

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Marvel Joks: Face of Omega Fire Ministry?  hmmm. Who says so? I am not the face of Omega Fire Ministry. I am a son of the ministry that has found favour in the eyes of God. And although my songs are all over the world for now I have only done tours in African nations.  Its will be Europe’s Turn to Experience God through the instrumentality of worship, next year 2017. And my achievement so far is the Joy of Fulfillment. Having people giving testimonies of how my songs have touched them, healed them, given them hope, revived their spiritual life. There is no better Achievement than That.

Sammy Sas: You had a couple of ministrations in Ukraine this year right?

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Marvel Joks: Early this year I was supposed to be in Ukraine but an emergency came up few days to my flight and I had to Postpone. However the Event went as planned and souls were blessed. I will go there next year to make it up to them.

Sammy Sas: So on a scale of 1-10 how well do you know your culture and tradition?

Marvel Joks: I think I understand my language and culture 65%.

Sammy Sas: Which ethnic group/state are you from?

Marvel Joks: Am from Isoko, Delta state

Sammy Sas: So which local meal can you prepare very well?

Marvel Joks: Hahahaha… is this really necessary?  hmmm. Well I was very close to my mum, I still am. So I learnt all my local dishes, including the popular Egusi and ogbono soup. Haha

Sammy Sas: So which is your favourite meal?

Marvel Joks: hmmm… that’s private…  Who knows the questions your gonna ask next

Sammy Sas: hmmm… You are afraid?…. Our Sisters in Christ, would love to know what your favourite meal is, just in case; luck shines on them; cause am aware that “Papa” Dr Johnson Suleiman, gave you till December 2016, to find  Mrs Marvel Joks. So how far the chase?

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Marvel Joks: I have a fiancee. Am booked. Hahahahahhaahaha

Sammy Sas: So you mean to tell me that you are about to graduate from a “Husband material” to a “full yard Husband” this year?

Marvel Joks: Next year by Gods grace

Sammy Sas: Amen… Congrat Bro..
If you were asked to have collaboration with three secular musicians, who would you pick?

Marvel Joks: None… I CAN’T, AND WON’T

Sammy Sas: So tell us, apart from music, what else is the brand ‘Marvel Joks’ into?

Marvel Joks: Music and ministry.

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite colour?

Marvel Joks: Pink

Sammy Sas: Do you have any album out?

Marvel Joks: Yea, released my first audio album in 2011, and a DVD album in 2014, and recently in June 2016, I just released my latest album, titled MELODY.

Sammy Sas: Do we have any major features on the album?

Marvel Joks: Yea featured Samsong in Marvellous God remix

Sammy Sas: Who are your role models, both in music and ministry?

Marvel Joks: Role MODEL IN MINISTRY IS MY SPIRITUAL FATHER APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN.  And in Music is ASU EKIYE the prince of the Niger Delta

Sammy Sas: Apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

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Marvel Joks: All the characters in the bible are amazing ‘cos they teach me deep mysteries however Apart from Jesus the next character am to study if I were to choose whom to study next would be Apostle Paul. The Life of Apostle Paul inspires me. Giving everything for the Gospel, including his life…. “That’s the kind of Christian I wanna be.”

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite Bible verse?

Marvel Joks: Lamentation 3:37

Sammy Sas: With the journey so far, where do you see your career and ministry in five years time?

Marvel Joks: In 5 years I see myself raising my family, and also building music ministers all over the world, which is my assignment.

Sammy Sas: What’s your advice to upcoming Gospel music ministers?

Marvel Joks: My advice to them is that they should love God, understand that this is all about God and the kingdom. And they should be submissive to their pastors and music mentors. Fight against pride, money and women. With this, they will affect their world.

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite quote?

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Marvel Joks: Worship is not the sound of the keyboard, drums, bass guitar or the melody from your voice, but Worship  begins with a desire to see Jesus.

Sammy Sas: So how can your fan’s reach you on social media?

Marvel Joks: Twitter @marvel_joks Whatsap +2347038590699
Instagram. Marvel Joks. Facebook. Marvel Joks

Sammy Sas: Finally your last word to your fan’s out there?

Marvel Joks: My last words to my fans is to appreciate them all. Thank you alot I consider U my family, no matter where U are around the world I LOVE YOU… from Marvel Joks

Sammy Sas: Thank you so much for  your time Mr Joks!

Marvel Joks: My pleasure!

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