Tim Tebow Says His Show 'Home Free' Promotes Biblical Principles (Interview)

Tim Tebow Says His Show ‘Home Free’ Promotes Biblical Principles (Interview)

The new season of “Home Free” stars former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who says the show highlights the biblical principle that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

The second season is different from season 1 in that it encourages every competitor to win a home for a hero in their life as well as a grand prize sum of $100,000 for themselves. Each contestant must make it down Homefree Blvd., building one by one an entire neighborhood for their heroes, with the grand prize resulting in a dream home.

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Contrary to his partner home improvement expert Mike Holmes, Tebow has a softer approach to lead the contestants. His role is to encourage them and give them the will to make it to the end.

In addition to the outspoken Christian athlete Tebow acting as co-host, the new season of “Home Free” also features a pastor and a son of Christian missionaries. The home makeover series promotes the essential Christian principle of serving other’s needs above one’s own. Viewers will see that even when you lose, you are still a winner on the show.

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“It’s a great principle and it’s something that I try to live as much as I can,” Tebow told The Christian Post. “I think that in trying to be able to show America that, it is a blessing to give and you do get more by giving than you do by just trying to take take take.”

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“Having the mindset of just serving other people is important,” he continued. “Sometimes it doesn’t always makes sense because people are like, ‘Well how am I just going to receive?’ Well receiving comes in a lot of different ways, whether that’s receiving peace and fulfillment or purpose or calling, there’s so many different things. Or it’s just by receiving joy by making a difference in someone else’s life, but I think the Bible says that for a reason and I believe it.

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“I think for me it was very uplifting,” the 28-year-old who is trying to land an NFL quarterback position said.

Each hero that the contestants compete for made a grand impact in their lives and hearing each story is perhaps the most emotional part of the show.

“I think seeing why the contestants were trying so hard for their heroes was inspiring but then also meeting every one of the heroes and seeing that they didn’t do it to try to be a hero, they did it to try to help someone. They don’t even necessarily look at themselves like heroes and to be able to meet all of them and hear their stories was awesome,” Tebow concluded.

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