Nolly Interview with Sammy Sas @Nolly CIA

Nolly Interview with Sammy Sas | @Nolly_CIA

I wanted my immediate audience to connect with my music easily. Words from Nigeria Urban indigenous Gospel Rapper, Nolly.

Here is what he has to say with Star Reporter, Sammy Sas.
SAMMY SAS: Can we meet you

NOLLY: My name is Nolly, I’m a Christian, Rapper, singer song writer. I’m all about the gospel of Jesus.

SAMMY SAS: So tell me, why the name “Nolly”?

NOLLY: Well, my friends started calling me Nolly Because my first name is Nonso not like I choose the name… So I decided to put a meaning to it… Nonso Onwuli Loves Like Yahweh.

SAMMY SAS: Kai!… This guy is too clever! Lol… So what kind of music, do you do?

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NOLLY: I do Christian Hip-hop Music

SAMMY SAS: OK… The first time I came across you, someone told me to watch the performance of BLW Nation, Arrival. When you came on stage with Sam Jamz, the place was on fire, because of your uniqueness…. So tell me, why did you choose indigenous rap?

NOLLY: Oh, we thank God, Well, I wanted my immediate audience to connect with my music easily, a lot of people were doing similar things and passing the wrong message and youths were following, so I decided to do same to get the attention of the youths and then pass the Gospel of Jesus to them…. I had always been rapping in English but then I experimented with one song and the feedback was awesome so I continued.

SAMMY SAS: Wow… that’s amazing bro…. What do you think is the major challenge in the Gospel industry in Nigeria?

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NOLLY: I think there is no proper structure, just independent artists running their business the way they can… but efforts are being made to correct that already…. I believe!

SAMMY SAS: I pray ooo… Amen!

NOLLY: Amen!

SAMMY SAS: Tell us, when did you, realized that you had a passion for Rap?
NOLLY: It was in secondary school, in SSS 2, that was when I wrote my first Rap Verse
SAMMY SAS: So who did you listen to, when growing up?

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NOLLY: I listened to Jay-Z, Nelly, P. Diddy, Kirk Franklin, My Dad used to play Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Fela and highlife music…

SAMMY SAS: You grew up with different sounds I guess.

NOLLY: Yea! exactly.

SAMMY SAS: Recently you performed alongside with Sinach on stage, at her life in concert, in South Africa. How did you feel, the moment you came down from the stage?

NOLLY: Yea…I was just grateful to God for His grace… and yea I was excited

SAMMY SAS: What has been the major Hallmark of your career?

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NOLLY: Grace!!!

SAMMY SAS: OK….so what was growing up like?

NOLLY: Growing up was fun… Grew up in an Ajebo Neighborhood in Enugu, South Eastern Nigeria. Thank God for my Parents I didn’t lack anything

SAMMY SAS: Wow… Guess they would be proud of your prospect now

NOLLY: Yea sure they are.

SAMMY SAS: If you were asked to do a collaboration with three secular Musicians, local or International, who would you pick?

NOLLY: Alicia Keys, Timi Dakolo, MI

SAMMY SAS: What is your memorable and embarrassing moment, of your career?

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NOLLY: I can never forget ministering “The Arrival” with the BLW Rap Nation it was a Heavenly Anointed Ministration…. My embarrassing moment…. Hmmm I can’t really recall any now…

SAMMY SAS: Apart from music, what else do you do for fun?

NOLLY: I hang out with friends, I watch movies, I play video game

SAMMY SAS: So apart from music, what else do you do?

NOLLY: I do business.

SAMMY SAS: Any album or major project out?

NOLLY: Yea, I released an Ep, Son of the Most High EP in Nov 2014

SAMMY SAS: So when are we expecting your official album?

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NOLLY: Towards the ending of next year by God’s grace

SAMMY SAS: Album name?

NOLLY: Will let you know in due time.

SAMMY SAS: So are you still a Husband material or a Serving Husband?

NOLLY: Hahaha….I’m husband material 100 yards

SAMMY SAS: Oooshey…. What’s your favorite color and meal?

NOLLY: Sky blue is my favorite color… My favorite meal is pounded yam and pepper soup. I love plantain

SAMMY SAS: Your favorite quote?

NOLLY: Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

SAMMY SAS: Any last words for your fans?

NOLLY: Jesus is coming soon, make sure you’re ready for His arrival… Now is the best time for you to be the best of you. I love you all. Thank you for the support always. God bless you.

SAMMY SAS: Thank you so much for your time Nolly.

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NOLLY: You’re welcome Sammy. Thanks for hosting me.

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