Temple Nation Interview with Sammy Sas @templerap @RealSammysas

Temple Nation Interview with Sammy Sas | @templerap @RealSammysas

Celebrity Chat Interview Of The Week With Temple Nation

Lost my Dad quit early, Mom did every thing she could to train me, but she couldn’t do much. Words from Nigeria born, international Gospel rapper and member of the BLW Rap Nation,Temple Nation. On his exclusive celebrity of the week online chat interview, with international online celebrity host, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: So tell us how was it like growing up?

Temple Nation: Very rough and difficulty, I lost my dad quit early, mom did every thing she could to train me but she couldn’t do much I stayed with a lot of people growing up in different communities even the good and the bad once, did tedious jobs to survive I repeated classes in my primary school days; it wasn’t funny but thank God it’s history now.

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Sammy Sas: wow…. So at what point in your life did you realised you had a passion for music?

Temple Nation: I discovered that very early, I started singing in church let’s say by age 14…

Sammy Sas: So kindly tell us about the journey so far in the music industry?

Temple Nation: Well it’s a journey of grace and favor. Did my studio job 2009 then 2010 I did a remix of the song with  M. I and from there I’ve been on the move.

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Sammy Sas: What type of music do you do?

Temple Nation: Hip pop (rap)  Afro pop (gospel)

Sammy Sas: If I may ask, why Gospel?

Temple Nation: Well I grew up in a gospel environment that’s, Everything gospel men…

Sammy Sas: Lol.. If you were asked to do a collaboration with three secular musicians, who would you pick?

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Temple Nation: Hmmmm that’s a very striking question, that’s has to be on the basis of the permission by the Holy Ghost, he’s my Father Guide.

Temple Nation: I can’t just wake and say would love to do that.

Sammy Sas: interesting… so on a scale of 1-10 how well do you know your culture and traditions?

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Temple Nation: 10

Sammy Sas: wow!!!… Which ethnic group/state are you from?

Temple Nation: I’m from delta state the Igbo speaking part.

Sammy Sas: Which local meal can you prepare very well?

Temple Nation: Egusi soup.

Sammy Sas: Is that your favourite?

Temple Nation: Nope my favorite is native soup, with lot of fish..

Sammy Sas: confirm!!!… So what’s your favourite colour?

Temple Nation: funny black..

Sammy Sas: Apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

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Temple Nation: Apostle Paul

Sammy Sas: your favourite bible verse

Temple Nation: psalm 23

Sammy Sas: Who are your role models in music and ministry?

Temple Nation: First and foremost my role model is Pastor Chris Oyakilome PHD

Temple Nation: Then music wise Da Truth, Lacrae, TB1, Protek and the BLW Rap nation.

Sammy Sas: Nice

Temple Nation: Thanks..

Sammy Sas: So If where to be an animal, which would you be?

Temple Nation: Eagle

Sammy Sas: So tell us are you a husband material or a serving husband?

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Temple Nation: husband material

Sammy Sas: What’s your advice to upcoming Gospel music rappers?

Temple Nation: Have a root deep in their church and keep rapping

Sammy Sas: Where do you see your career in five years time?

Temple Nation: Bigger and better running my own record label with some artistes sign on.

Sammy Sas: Amen… So how can your fans connect with you on social media?

Temple Nation: Facebook Temple Nation instagram @templenation twitter @templerap

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Sammy Sas: Your last words to your fans I diaspora?

Temple Nation: First I want to thank all my fans all over the world for their love and support I love you guys dearly together we are fulfilling our purpose in life.

Sammy Sas: Thank you for your time bro

Temple Nation: Thanks for the opportunity too

Sammy Sas: I celebrate you!

Hope you enjoyed this interview? And for participation or inquiry kindly follow @RealSammySAS  Whatsapp Number 09077895457. Till next time have a blissful week ahead. I celebrate you!




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