OAP Victa Pepple Interview with Sammy SAS @hotfmasaba @victapepple @Realsammysas

Sammy Sas: Pls can we meet you?

OAP Pepple: Born in Calabar, I hail from Bonny Island in Rivers State, my name is Victor Chris Pepple Better Known as Victa Pepple, don’t get it twisted victa is latino for victor! I’m a media personality though a graduate of computer science #hmmm. I’m a music instructor, brand ambassador, OAP @hotfmasaba, Media Producer & Content Provider for an online TV (Icetvafrica), also an Event Manager, plus you know am CEO Zeph&Pepple Events.

Sammy Sas: Correct. Ok, so tell us what was growing up like?

OAP Pepple: I grew up with my mum in Calabar, growing up was fun…. I had the best of parental care, I was thought to put God First in everything

Sammy Sas: Tell us about your journey into the broadcasting media, especially when you studied computer science?

OAP Pepple: Well, I have been singing, dancing and acting from age seven (7), at 15, I felt the stage had accepted me, I decided to give presenting a shot, I mean I have the looks yeah! hmmm. When I was exactly 15 years old if am not mistaken I anchored a mega youth convention in my church. After the event everyone said I was awesome, at the time I had just gotten admission into the university so I paid very little cognizance to pursuing a media career rather I preferred programming. In my final year someone introduced me to IceTv (an online tv), the management liked my positive demeanour, and they believed in me and gave me a platform to learn. With IceTv I saw the brighter side of life, I played red carpet host to several mega events and concerts including coke studio and MBGN 2015, but despite all these I still put God First! After graduation I decided to spread my tentacle I applied with RADIONIGERIA – canaancityFM Calabar and I was given the best of media training and am willing to train others.

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Sammy Sas: Amazing!…. So what has been your favourite on air show, that you have hosted?

OAP Pepple: Sunday Bliss on HotFM, the listeners are amazing totally amazing…. good thing u can listen live on hotfm.ng/asaba. Enjoy the very best of gospel vibes. I tagged it #CHURCHonRADIO we have worship session, praise session, inspiring words (that’s preaching) Its usually a phone-in so its interactive and super-exciting!

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Sammy Sas: Nice.. With your experience as the host of one the biggest Gospel show on radio in the South South, zone of Nigeria, what do you think is the major challenge in the Nigerian Gospel music industry?

OAP Pepple: Love

Sammy Sas: In what aspects?

OAP Pepple: Our Gospel ministers should start to see themselves differently…. its about time they learn to recognise themselves as ministers instead of artiste! If you want to entertain, then leave gospel totally and go secular…. But God Forbid! I talked about love in the sense that majority of our gospel music ministers do not have love for the MUSIC ministry which is their first calling but rather they GROW lust for money. Even the NIV bible says Love conquers all (1st Peter 4:8)… meaning all things be it earthly challenge. Also in 1st Corinthians 13:4 still NIV the bible says Love is Patient, some of our music ministers are just too much in a hurry to gain fame forgetting the true purpose to touching lives.

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Sammy Sas: Do you think they have the right platforms to do so, like their secular counterparts?

OAP Pepple: Sincerely speaking its all about packaging. The difference between sachet water and bottled water is packaging! I mean in Nigeria alone…. we have more churches than night clubs. Our music ministers need to upgrade their KSA.

Sammy Sas: King Sunny Ade??

OAP Pepple: Hahahahaha Knowledge, Skill and Ability/Attitude. by that I mean improve your skills, put more time into rehearsals, sacrifice sleep and comfort. The secular guys have learnt the easiest way to the top is sacrifice. Not killing of goat oh…. the greatest sacrifice in this era is TIME! At least time to practice

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Sammy Sas: Do you see the Nigerian Gospel music, going as far as the Grammy, in the nearest future?

OAP Pepple: Yes. There’s no limit to what you can achieve if you only believe in yourself

Sammy Sas: Gbam!…. So on a scale of 1-10, how well do you know your culture and traditions?

OAP Pepple: Hahahahahahaha can I skip this question pls???? hmmm…  I grew up with my mum in Calabar, I speak her dialect (efik) fluently but I can’t say good morning in Ijaw or Igbani

Sammy Sas: hmmm. So what local meal can you prepare very well

OAP Pepple: afang soup my favourite

Sammy Sas: So you can prepare it?

OAP Pepple: Yes of course

Sammy Sas: So who are your role model’s in both music and ministry?

OAP Pepple: Well I wouldn’t join the multitude to say Jesus Christ… I have 2 great men here on earth. both pastors though, First is Pastor Ose Imiemohon (The Brook Church, Calabar) He’s my mentor both media and ministry wise, he’s a sound man, as well as Pastor Cosfinney Udoka (House on the Rock, here in Asaba) He’s all shades of awesome!… These two men have impacted and imparted so much knowledge in me.

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Sammy Sas: Apart from journalism, do you have a side hustle?

OAP Pepple: Am into Events Planning

Sammy Sas: Do you have a passion for music?

OAP Pepple: Gospel Music is Life to me. If you have music away from me, you leave me breathless

Sammy Sas: So are we going to be expecting a studio album from you?

OAP Pepple: Not yet, anything worth doing is worth doing well…For now my focus is on the media

Sammy Sas: So what’s your advice to upcoming OAP’s?

OAP Pepple: Presenters are born not made! You can take a camel to the stream but you can’t force it to drink. Read a bit of everything, be versatile, be courageous, have the “Can Do Spirit, never take no for an answer and LEARN to put God First!

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Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite quote?

OAP Pepple: God First ?….. For with God all things are possible, in God there’s absolute perfection (God doesn’t make mistakes everything God does is perfect) all of this is just to elucidate you….its simply God First

Sammy Sas: ?? So apart from Jesus,who is your favourite character in the Bible?

OAP Pepple: Peter

Sammy Sas: Your favourite Bible verse?

OAP Pepple: God is not a Man that he should lie. Numbers 23:19

Sammy Sas: Are you a husband material or a serving husband?

OAP Pepple: Aspiring husband hehehe

Sammy Sas: ???… Where do you see your career in five years time?

OAP Pepple: Heading one of the HotFM stations, while working on my first unique indigenous gospel tv also by then I should have a certificate from the London school of journalism.

OAP Pepple: Amen..

Sammy Sas: Amen!!!… So how can your fans reach you up on social Media?

OAP Pepple: Its @victapepple everywhere Facebook, twitter and so on

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Sammy Sas: So finally your last words to your fans

OAP Pepple: I love you all, without you there’s no Victa Pepple as a brand. Sincerely from the depth of my heart I appreciate and thanks to you for this opportunity to reach my friends I don’t call them fans. Finally I have a simple plea, which is just to put God First in all your endeavours, he’s got great plans for ya’ll.

Sammy Sas: Thank you so much for your time Mr God First. ?

OAP Pepple: Hahahaha and thanks so much for having me on this edition I look forward to greater doxa.

Sammy Sas: Aaaaameeeen!

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