Onyinye Nnodim Biasom Official Music Video

Onyinye Nnodim – Biasom (Official Music Video)

Onyinye Nnodim, the Paris-based Nigerian recording artist, has released her latest single, “Biasom.”

The song’s inspiration came to Onyinye in the wee hours of the morning when she heard someone singing in her native dialect as she was about to wake from sleep. “Biasom” is a deeply emotional and heartfelt song about love, dedication to God, and His goodness.

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Onyinye’s soulful voice is accentuated beautifully by the serene melodies that accompany her, ushering in a unique listening experience. The lyrics are thoughtful and deep-rooted in Onyinye’s life experiences, allowing listeners to connect with Jesus.

Onyinye’s passion for music and counseling has taken her from her hometown to Paris, France, where she currently resides. Her love for fostering better relationships spurred her to host Relationship GPS on Instagram and Facebook, a platform where she offers practical relationship advice to singles and couples alike.

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Onyinye’s work as a counselor has equipped her with the expertise needed to give valuable insights into the intricacies of love, communication, and connection. Her commitment to serving in her local church, Dominion City, where she has served as a worship leader for 18 years, has been instrumental in honing her music skills and building her artistry.

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As a recording artist, Onyinye’s sound is an amalgamation of Afro-beat and contemporary gospel, with her music aimed at inspiring and empowering people. Her powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating melodies have earned her a considerable following and awards.

In addition to being a talented musician and counselor, Onyinye is also a devoted wife and mother of four. Her family is the bedrock of her inspiration, and she draws heavily from the joys and challenges of marriage and parenthood in her music and counseling sessions.

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The release of “Biasom” marks another significant milestone in Onyinye’s burgeoning music ministry.

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