Aaron Sunday Interview With Sammy SAS @RealSammysas @Aaronsunday

Aaron Sunday Interview With Sammy SAS | @RealSammysas @Aaronsunday

I Feel am in my early stage still trying hard and working hard to put the name out there. Words from fast rising Nollywood Superstar, Aaron Sunday. On his exclusive celebrity of the week interview, with www.ngospelmedia.net star Reporter, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Aaron Sunday: Yes please… My name is Aaron Sunday… Film and Television Actor

Sammy Sas: Interesting…. So, when did you realized, you had a passion for acting?

Aaron Sunday: Hmmm… That would be when I was done with my secondary education in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. It kept flashing in my dreams on three different occasions and I just kept waving it… I didn’t want to believe it…. but something just kept hitting deep inside of me….”That’s your calling follow it…. So I decided to let my mum on it right there she literally took my hands and told me that…”Son if this is where your destiny lies go for it. “Passion is what motivates you to do something… so I one for believe that it was passion that keep hitting me…

Sammy Sas: Tell us about the early stage of your acting career,how was the journey like, starting as a rookie?

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Aaron Sunday: Early stage….. I feel am still in my early stage still trying hard and working hard to put the name out there….. we all have to face some huddles in trying to be something great in life. Just have to keep the hustle real….. Bless up.

Sammy Sas: As a teenager, was acting what you wanted for a career?

Aaron Sunday: Nah….. I never thought of acting…. but I loved watching Nollywood films…. The only thing I love doing was dancing…. I know how to dance that’s one gift am literally yet to put out.

Sammy Sas: So we can still expect some Dance moves coming from Mr Aaron Sunday or are you also planning on going into music like most of your colleague’s in the film industry?

Aaron Sunday: Not literally… music isn’t for me… And you will be first to know if I feature in any dance film…. music it’s a no no…..

Sammy Sas: Lol… there is a myth, that we get our gifts/talent from one of our parent, who did you get yours from, mum or dad?

Aaron Sunday: That would be my mum… she’s some bunch of a talented lady….

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Sammy Sas: Talking about your mum, most people might not know that you are the son, of Abuja based Gospel musician and writer, Gina Pat. so tell us, how was it growing up in her hands?

Aaron Sunday: Growing up in her hands… Was quite an experience. That moulded me up to the man that I am today.

Sammy Sas: So tell me,what kind of music do you listen to?

Aaron Sunday: I listen to all kinds of songs… Especially if it’s inspiring and good message. In a nutshell I listen to good music.

Sammy Sas: I believe 2016, is a good year for you. from what I know, your career is enjoying a quantum leap. tell us of your achievement, so far?

Aaron Sunday: All thanks to God… I for one believe that “When you surround yourself with firelighters sure amazing thing would definitely happen your life and career. Am still growing and learning. For the achievements so far… I can only be thankful. Bless up

Sammy Sas: Any awards yet?

Aaron Sunday: No award yet… but when the time is right awards would come. But until then we keep working hard towards that. Amen to that.

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Sammy Sas: Amen…… On a scale of 1-10, how well do you know your traditions?

Aaron Sunday: Hmmm… 8.I tell you why, as we grow things change rules and regulations, traditions people… And all that…..

Sammy Sas: What local meal can you prepare very well?

Aaron Sunday: Local meal… I literally can’t think of any right now but I only prepare what I eat…local meal hmmmmm….

Sammy Sas: So what’s your favorite meal any time any day? Aaron Sunday: My favourite meal anytime any day…that definitely would be “My Beans and unripe plantain mixed with smoked fish…..

Sammy Sas: That’s some legendary meal,So you don’t like beans and garri?

Aaron Sunday: No, I don’t do beans and garri. Because I literally don’t like the aftermath effect… so rather I stay off…

Sammy Sas: So with your experience in the film industry, what would you say has been the major challenge in the industry so far?

Aaron Sunday: For the most part I think its piracy! In as much am not a producer, but I can literally share the pain of what they go through in the hands of piracy. And i strongly believe that as soon as the government come into the movie industry to help curtailed this demon called piracy…. then producers would have smiles on their faces. And also, I speak for actors like me…. It would be amazing to see producers or directors taking risks on young actors in giving them lead roles not minding the fact if they are bankable or not there are lots of young and talented actors out there looking for that one opportunity to prove a point…. its about the “Art” I believe.

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Sammy Sas: If you were asked to pick three Directors you would love to work with,local or international who would you choose?

Aaron Sunday: Directors locally and international…. Now you’re putting me on a spot…I for one wouldn’t want to mention their names, over here I have a couple of them…Some I’ve started working with while others am still following and watching them from afar… Internationally hmmmmm my brother them plenty full plate abeg no mentioning of names…Next question. Lol.

Sammy Sas: Lol.. so who is your favourite Hollywood actor/actress that you would love to work it?

Aaron Sunday: My favourite Hollywood actor and actress I would love to work with…..okay now these names am gonna mention right now…they gets me anytime I see them acting keanu Reeves, Clint eastwood, And Chris pat. And for females actresses.. hmmmmm quite a number of them but these ones tops it for Octavia Spencer,viola Davies and charliz Theron.
Lol I know goods ones abi?

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Sammy Sas: yes now,but you know go like work with Angelina jolie?

Aaron Sunday: I don’t want to sound cliché that’s why.. .let the readers think in their minds.

Sammy Sas: So tell us are you a Husband material or Serving husband?

Aaron Sunday: Why do I feel like am not suppose to give an answer to this question… well you asked… I think i’am husband material…. hahahahah.

Sammy Sas:  Tell us about your obsession with bodybuilding, I understand you where recently selected to be among the judges, on the recently concluded Mr/Mrs fitness Nigeria. Tell us about it?

Aaron Sunday: For the most part fitness is paramount for me….I believe so much in being healthy. And also health comes first for me… health is wealth i so much believe in that school of thought and for people to also key into that. For Mr Miss fitness pageant it was a great event and a great turn out…I felt really honored when I was called to come be a judge on the event…at least people are literally noticing what am about which is fitness.  And i also that you have to make yourself a priority. You, are the most important person in your life.

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Sammy Sas: Tell us a little about some of the major TV productions and movies you have been involved in?

Aaron Sunday: For TV we Crack in the wall(Butterfly Heart),Allison Stand, Emerald, Karma(The Ripples), Road2Stardom, House of Badmus. These the few i can remember for Tv. For movies Kazbar, keeper, Kumbaya, silent Killer, Lucy, sealed Lips, Trapped.

Sammy Sas: Who are your role models?

Aaron Sunday: I really don’t have one….but there are couple great minds that I look up too…I Always watch from afar….haha.

Sammy Sas: Do you see the Nigerian film industry getting a shot at the Oscar’s Award?

Aaron Sunday: Absolutely I strongly believe that…the time now. Nigerian film industry is growing in lips and bounds. Great films coming out of Nollywood so yeah….There’s a future for the Nigerian film Industry.

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite Bible verse?

Aaron Sunday: Psalm 121.

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Sammy Sas: Tells us,apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

Aaron Sunday: Job.

Sammy Sas: Tell us your favourite quote?

Aaron Sunday: I choose to surround myself with phenomenal people who are confident and secure enough to know that there is room for all of us to make it.”This is the quote…”We don’t know how much we can rise,until we’re asked to rise.

Sammy Sas: Finally your last words to your fans out there

Aaron Sunday: My last words….Thanks for supporting and following up. I appreciate all and God us more. Bless up.

Sammy Sas: Thank you so much for your time

Aaron Sunday: Thank you too…. Social media platforms… Instagram @Aaronofficialsunday, Twitter @Aaronsunday, Facebook Aaronsunday.

Sammy Sas: Have a Successful career ahead

Aaron Sunday: Thanks bro. ..

I know you have enjoyed this interview, make it a date with me, next week on your favorite NgospelMedia – No. 1, International Urban Gospel Blog. For more info follow Me @RealSammySAS Till next week, have a Blissful Week Ahead, Deuces!

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