Winners' Chapel Worldwide One Night With The King Night Vigil Prayers

Winners’ Chapel Worldwide One Night With The King Night Vigil Prayers

Prayer 2:

Father, thank you for granted everyone of us to be full partakers of the blessings of this prayer and fasting season Romans 8:26
Prayer 3:
Father, endue me everyone tonight with the spirit of grace and supplication for effective prayer Zech. 12:10
Prayer 4:
Father, endue everyone of us tonight with the powers of the world thereby enabling us to command dominion over all life’s situations and circumstances Psalm 110:1-3.
Prayer 5:
Father, Supernaturally Restore Every Broken Home Among Us in the Winners Family this Month Joel 2:25
Prayer 6:
Father, let everyone on the line for miracle marriage be supernaturally settled this year Psalm 68:6
Prayer 7:
Father, lead everyone on the line for miracle job to where their miracles are waiting Psalm 23:1
Prayer 8:
Father, let every family called childless be visited this month after the order of Sarah Genesis 21:1
Prayer 9:
Father, let no sponsors of Terrorism find their way to power at all levels in the forthcoming Election Daniel 4:25
Prayer 10:
Father, let your Holy Ghost come down as a mighty rushing wind drafting in multitudes of men and women into this church this year Numbers 11:31
Prayer 11:
Father, as you gather multitudes into all our services on sunday, let every invisible barrier be destroyed by the power of your word and the effect of prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:21
Prayer 12:
Father, let everyone chanlleged in his or her health be made whole tonight st instance of blood of sprinkling Zech. 9:11-12
Beloved you and I have to pray out our Destiny out in this Year 2015, for you to achieve what you want this year, you have to endlessly engage in Prayers to Elevate your Destiny to the next level, it is not bad to be Challenged, but it bad to be defeated, so if you don’t pray today, your today you will be a big loser, so join the prayer soldiers of this endtime now….

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