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Worship is my response to the God whom I love and Who has saved me and rescued me. Words from Nigerian born, International Award Winning Musician and Radio Personality, Eloho Efemuai.

Here is what she has to say, on our Celebrity of the week interview, with www.ngospelmedia.net Star Reporter, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Eloho Efemuai: My name is Eloho Efemuai. Daughter of the King of kings! Wife of UJ Efemuai, Mother to 3 Amazing kids, Last born daughter of late John Ifoghale and Joy Omotoyibo Amata, Sister to Zack, Ifo, Mena, Fred, and Ruke Amata, Aunty to Jeta Amata. I love Jesus I love people, I sing when I’m happy I sing when I’m sad!… I’m a radio host, I blog, I inspire, I encourage, I make music which makes an artist, I’m a worshiper who loves to lead others in worship, You want more??

Sammy Sas: Omoh! Anuty Eloho is multipurpose ?
Eloho Efemuai: Hehehe oh I write too, I also organize a yearly worship concert called Engage in Aberdeen Scotland.

Sammy Sas: Wow! this is amazing!….. So tell me, when did you realized you had a passion for music?

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Eloho Efemuai: Hahahaha as young as 9 months I was told I started singing, Tell me a word and I’ll turn it to a song Hahahaha, I’ve always loved to sing, I saw a photo of me recently singing I must have been 7 or 8 can’t remember. So my passion for music developed from a very tender age

Sammy Sas: How was it like growing up in a family, which has brought out great entertainer’s and personalities?

Eloho Efemuai: It was a lot of fun. I was the youngest so was doted on. My father was very strict though and didn’t spare the rod hahaha, But I had a great childhood, Lots of fond memories

Sammy Sas: What was is it, that made you to go into the Gospel music industry?

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Eloho Efemuai: Worship is my response to the God whom I love and Who has saved me and rescued me! Also I wanted to inspire others to worship Him.

Sammy Sas: Tell us a little about your achievement, since the inception of your professional career?

Eloho Efemuai: Released two albums since 2014. Debut album ‘Arise’ in March 2014 and sophomore album ‘Unrestrained’ July 2016. Won a few awards, nominated for quite a few, PGMA awards, WOPA award. Video was on step forward top ten [10] UK chart for August 2016. Started my own radioshow called ‘iTestify’. ‘iTestify with Eloho’. Nominated for BEFFTA Awards, Bagma awards.

Sammy Sas: That’s some achievements, I must say. So tell us, how is it doing both Music and been a radio personality, in the UK?

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Eloho Efemuai: It’s fun, it has its challenges but it’s fulfilling being able to inspire people.

Sammy Sas: With your experience in the International scene, what do you think is the major challenge, in the Nigeria Gospel Music industry?

Eloho Efemuai: I think the music industry generally faces the same challenges.

Sammy Sas: Which is?

Eloho Efemuai: Everyone is struggling to get their music out there and to the right people

Sammy Sas: If you are been asked to do a collaboration with three secular musicians, Local or International who would you pick?

Eloho Efemuai: Hmmmm not sure why I would want to collaborate with any secular artists, but I like Alicia Keys, Emily Sande…

Sammy Sas: On a scale of 1-10, how well do you know your tradition and culture?

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Eloho Efemuai: Very well lol

Sammy Sas: Which ethnic group, are you from?

Eloho Efemuai: Isoko

Sammy Sas: In Delta state?

Eloho Efemuai: Yes Oyede precisely.

Sammy Sas: So you mean to tell me, that you know the name of your Governor?

Eloho Efemuai: Hmmmm too many changes lately… Can’t keep up lol

Sammy Sas: Google.

Eloho Efemuai: Yes lol

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite Nigerian meal, you can prepare?

Eloho Efemuai: Jollof rice

Sammy Sas: Any soup?

Eloho Efemuai: Banga soup, Egusi soup etc

Sammy Sas: You can make Eba?

Eloho Efemuai: Hahaha of course yes, even starch too

Sammy Sas: Correct Mama!… So what’s your favourite colour?

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Eloho Efemuai: Hmmm that’s a tough one I like blue, red, white and black.

Sammy Sas: Who are your role model’s?

Eloho Efemuai: In what aspect?

Sammy Sas: Ministry and media.

Eloho Efemuai: Joyce Meyer and Media Oprah Winfrey

Sammy Sas: Tell us about your radio show, iTestify. The name of the radio station and state it’s been broadcasted.

Eloho Efemuai: iTestify with Eloho is a contemporary show that is geared towards encouraging and inspiring listeners. We interview guests from all works of life and find out about their story, Their journey, their testimony. It’s being aired on radio31.org every Saturday at 8pm and amenradio.net every Wednesday at 10am.

Sammy Sas: Location?

Eloho Efemuai: Online radios, radio31Fm is in the UK, Amen radio, in Nigerian.

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite quote?

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Eloho Efemuai: Again I have plenty oh lol

Sammy Sas: Oya give me the one way you like pass.

Eloho Efemuai: Hahaha…… Love the crap out of others

Sammy Sas: Apart from Jesus, who is your favorite character, in the Bible?

Eloho Efemuai: David.

Sammy Sas: Where do you see your career,in five years time?

Eloho Efemuai: Supporting upcoming artists giving them a platform having my own media outfit.

Sammy Sas: Amen to that…… Where currently in the world are you based?

Eloho Efemuai: Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Sammy Sas: Are you currently signed to any Management or record company?

Eloho Efemuai: In talks with a few. Not disclosing yet

Sammy Sas: What’s your advice to upcoming musician and media personality?

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Eloho Efemuai: Know who you are! Know whom you’ve been called to! Be Patient! Persistent! Committed! Do not feel the need to be in competition or to outdo others! Focus on your lane! Chase your dreams! Be Dedicated to your dreams and passions. Be passionate about your dreams.

Sammy Sas: Finally,your last words to your Fan’s in diaspora?

Eloho Efemuai: I celebrate you all thanks for the support! Massive love.

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