‘Naughty’ llama promptly eats zoo’s handcrafted Christmas wreaths

One London zoo experienced some major llama drama this week when its camelids ate their holiday gift before human visitors could even see them.

“Ande is definitely on the naughty list this year,” Zoological Society of London (ZSL) zookeeper Hattie Sire said in a press release about the incident, in which Ande ate a wreath of leafy autumnal decorations just moments after it was hung on his enclosure.

While zookeepers had intended the Christmas decor to end up in Ande’s tummy, he consumed it much faster than anticipated, according to the release posted on Thursday.

“[We] made the wreaths out of edible plants and trees growing at the zoo just in case they happened to catch [the llamas’] attention, but we thought our visitors would at least get to see our hard work before they had a nibble or two,” Sire went on.

Ande even got his mom in on the unappreciative, impatient stunt.

“Ande was definitely the ringleader,” said Sire, adding that while his mother also helped consume the decorations, it clearly wasn’t her idea and she merely imitated Ande’s irresponsible actions. “[He] is going on the naughty list, while his mum, Dainty, gets a pass as she was just following his lead.”

Indeed, video footage of the incident shows Ande barely giving the keeper time to hang the wreath before he absolutely tears into it.

An alpaca named Trigger, meanwhile, rose to the occasion and put on a display of great mental strength in not consuming his own holiday gift before its time, earning him “a spot on the nice list, as he refused to be drawn into the wreath wreckage!”

The staff assures future visitors that, while the wreaths have been digested, the London Zoo “spent lockdown turning our 36-acre site into a festive outdoor wonderland,” and there are plenty of other thematic holiday decorations throughout the zoo.


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