Jets trying to move on from epic heartbreak

The Raiders sent the Jets sprawling to the mat last week with a heartbreaking, last-second, 31-28 loss. Now, the Jets must get up off the mat and face the Seahawks (8-4) in Seattle.

It feels like Mission: Impossible for the Jets (0-12).

They had the game against the Raiders won until Derek Carr found Henry Ruggs III for a 46-yard touchdown with 5 seconds left. The loss sent the team into a tailspin and resulted in the firing of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who had called an all-out blitz on that final play.

The Jets returned to work on Wednesday, trying to shake off their latest loss.

“I thought the guys did a hell of a job,” coach Adam Gase said. “I mean they came out there, good energy, practiced hard, made mistakes, but [were] aware and we corrected some stuff. I thought the energy that the players brought was phenomenal. I was thinking the same thing of, ‘Man, this has got to be hard, and it can’t be easy,’ but these guys are doing a good job turning the page, figuring out a way to when they step on the field going, ‘New week, new opponent, let’s go figure out how to win a game.’ ”

Figuring out how to win a game is something the Jets have not been able to do this season. Their 12-game losing streak is tied for the longest in franchise history. Their 0-12 start is the worst in franchise history. A loss Sunday would make them just the ninth team since the NFL-AFL merger to start a season 0-13.

Players and coaches keep saying the right things, and they have played closer games in the last month than they had played earlier in the season. But you have to wonder how much more this team can take.

“The way we practice definitely doesn’t reflect our record by any means,” center Connor McGovern said. “I’ve been on teams with better records that don’t practice this hard with this much enthusiasm and energy. I think that’s why we’ve gotten better every game this year. We’re improving.”

Seattle is coming off an upset loss to the Giants and figures to be focused and not overlooking the dismal Jets.

It should be apparent early whether the Jets were able to shake off the loss to the Raiders or are still feeling the effects of it.


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