Fairy tale castle in New York on the market for $675K

It’s no Balmoral in the heart of Scotland, but it’s the closest you’ll get to a royal castle an hour outside of New York City.

A fairy-tale castle, complete with dreamy panoramic views and stained-glass windows, in Lake Peekskill, NY has hit the market for $675,000.

The listing describes the 2-acre property as a “castle by the lake” in the Putnam Valley area. It features four bedrooms and 1½ bathrooms. The single-family home is just a 10 minute walk away from a lake, giving it the vibe of a Zen land far, far away.

“It’s a custom-built castle in an area where there are no castles,” listing agent Ken Wile told Realtor.com. “At the time [it was built], the area was a bunch of summer homes, like small bungalows. Nobody lived here year-round.”

The home was built in 1932, with a second story, added to expand the structure, that looks like a traditional house. Inside, the rooms are built with red oak floors, stained-glass windows and wooden beams.  

The property is now surrounded by neighbors who live in the area full time, but “it looks nothing like the other homes, and that’s what makes it cool,” Wile said.

Prior to being on the market, the castle was listed as a “superhost” rental on Airbnb, earning between $10,000 to $12,000 a month.

“We spent a weekend here for our daughter’s 5th birthday so she could experience a castle. She absolutely loved it, as did we. It will be a special memory for us,” one Airbnb guest wrote in a review.

“5 out of 5 recommended. This is such a unique and beautiful space, I can’t recommend enough. Plus there’s a sizable backyard area and sooo many reading nooks. Truly a special place,” described another Airbnb guest.

So, who is up for the throne? 

The home's master bedroom.
The home’s master bedroom.


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