Delta has banned 700 customers for refusing to wear masks amid COVID-19

Refusing to wear a face-covering on a plane will get you grounded — literally.

Delta Air Lines has added 700 passengers to its “no-fly” list for refusing to mask-up onboard, according to an internal company memo from CEO Ed Bastian obtained by Fox News.

An extra 240 travelers have been added to the blacklist in less than two months.

Delta has flown around 1 million passengers since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, airline officials told the outlet — with the Atlanta-based airline requiring face-coverings to travel since May.

The carrier has also blocked out every other seat to ensure safe social distancing on board, although that policy will end March 30.

In the memo, Bastian also urged employees to check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms daily and follow social distancing guidelines.

“Together, these layers of protection will keep you, our customers and our communities safer and healthier as we move into 2021,” Bastian wrote.

JetBlue and United also maintain “no fly” lists — with 88 and 435 travelers banned respectively, Newsweek reports.

Flying anti-maskers have regularly made headlines in recent months. In November, Utah police arrested a 44-year-old man for repeatedly resisting requests to wear a face-covering on a San Francisco-bound Delta flight.


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