David Abioye’s Daily Devotional July 2, 2017 – Superiority Of Vision To Professionalism

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Topic: Superiority of Vision to Professionalism [Sunday July 2, 2017]

While profession is for a while, vision is for a life time.

One could retire from his profession but vision keeps you busy and fresh all through life.

Profession is what you have or have to do but vision is what you are born and mandated to do.

Profession may bring you satisfaction but vision is what gives you fulfillment.

You could be frustrated in the pursuit of your profession and / or a career but you are ever inspired and gingered by your vision.

While profession is limited to a season of life, vision lasts a whole life time and even beyond.

Peter had a profession but Christ gave him a vision. So also was Paul, Moses, Gideon and several others.

A man’s profession may create for him some comfort but only vision can change the world around him.

Always fall in for vision rather than going for profession.

Don’t ever despise your profession but make it just secondary to vision.


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