33 arrested, 4 stabbed during MAGA march in DC: cops

More than 30 people were arrested in the Washington, DC, protests over the weekend.

The arrests stemmed from clashes with cops, as well as incidents between supporters of President Trump and counter-protesters in the nation’s capital, authorities said.

The Metropolitan Police Department said 33 people were arrested on charges ranging from assaulting a cop to general assault, illegal weapons possession and resisting arrest.

Eight police officers were hurt while trying to quell the unrest, WTTG-TV reported.

Four people also suffered non-life-threatening stab wounds in one confrontation, cops said.

Philip Johnson, 29, of Northwest DC was arrested in the incident and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

The caught-on-video knife fight shows a black man surrounded and pummeled by a crowd of Proud Boys, the right-wing group that supports Trump.

The group chased the man — alleged to be Johnson — who pulls out a blade to fend off the crowd. A separate video shows a man with a stab wound to the stomach.

The 33 arrests is the most in DC since 21 people were busted at a MAGA rally last month, WTTG said.

Saturday’s march brought thousands of Trump supporters to DC to back the president’s claim that there was widespread fraud in his Election Day loss to former Vice President Joe Biden.


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