Believe Gospel Song Lyrics - Mishael Music

Believe Gospel Song Lyrics - Mishael Music

Mishael Nwaokocha also known as Mishael Music is a multitalented instrumentalist, a music instructor, arranger, producer, mix engineer, and lead instructor at Whyte School of Music.
Believe is his debut single, a song of faith and trust in God. This song reassures us of our place in God, reminding us that there is nothing God is not capable of doing, all we need do is BELIEVE.

Verse 1
Do you believe that I can move this mountain
Do you believe I can make your valley plain
Do you believe I am the God of every purpose
If you believe then I’ll do it
If you believe better believe
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh…
Verse 2
Do you believe the still small voice that’s calling
Do you believe you’re created for this purpose
Do you believe that you’ll fulfil your plans
If you believe then I’ll do it
If you believe, better believe
Repeat chant.
Verse 3
Lord I believe that you can fight my battles
Lord I believe that you’ll plead my cause
Lord I believe you’re my ever present helper
Yes I believe you’re my provider
Yes I believe you’ll provide
Repeat Chant…
Verse 4
Lord I believe that one day I’ll meet you
That glorious day I’ll sing new songs for you
Songs of victory glory hallelujah
Lord I believe, yes I believe (2X)
Repeat Chant….

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Facebook: Mishael Nwaokocha
Twitter: @MishaelMusic
Instagram: @Mishael_Music


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