Engaging In a Battle Against The Spirit of Error by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan

Engaging In a Battle Against The Spirit of Error by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan

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MFM International Headquarters Sunday Service
24th November 2019
Theme: Engaging In a Battle Against The Spirit of Error
Ministering: Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O)

Anchored Scriptures: 1 John 4:6, Psalm 102:16, Matthew 24:11; 2 Timothy 3:13, Ecclesiastes 10:5-7


This morning, the Lord is leading us to look at this very important topic and pray seriously. It is titled ‘Engaging In a Battle Against The Spirit of Error’.

There is a spirit that has taken control in many lives. There is a spirit that has given the enemy the upper hand. There is a spirit that has tied down the destiny of many sons and daughters of God. It is called the ‘spirit of error’. The Bible actually told us that there is a spirit called the ‘spirit of error’.

The spirit of error is basically ordained by the devil to stop the glory of Zion. There is a glory that Zion should manifest but the spirit of error will say ‘no, it (Zion) is not going to shout’. Psalm 102:16. It is that glory that the spirit of error is fighting against. The Zion in the scripture passage here is talking about the church of Christ.

There is a glory that you must exhibit. There is a glory that all eyes must see but for that glory to manifest, you must fight against the spirit of error. The spirit of error operates freely in an environment or atmosphere of deceit/deception. Meaning where there is deception, the spirit of error operates freely and unhindered. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:11, he said many false prophets shall arise and deceive many. Why, so that the spirit of error can operate freely and unhindered.

2 Timothy 3:13, the Bible says evil men and seducers shall wax stronger and stronger, deceiving and being deceived. They have one agenda, the agenda is to deceive many.

When false prophets are allowed to operate, and you support them, they will spread deception.

In these last days, many satanic ministers will spread the spirit of error through deception.

I always say this for anyone that cares to listen, if the devil cannot deceive you then he cannot dominate you. If you come under his deception, he will definitely dominate your life. Once you allow deception to take root in your life, the devil will push you here and there.

One of the most popular deceptions the devil present to Christians is to make them accept the wrong picture he is showing to them about their own lives and they just take it like that. The devil has not change in his tricks. When he appeared to Eve, he made Eve to believe that she is not like God unless she eats the forbidden image. When God said ‘let us create man in our own image and after our likeness’, God was looking at himself when He was creating you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what you are seeing in that mirror is God. God is saying that this person I’m going to create, He will operate and function like me.

The devil has nothing good to show you about yourself. If you look into the mirror of the devil, what you will see is ugliness, you will see past failures, weakness, failure upon failure upon failure.

I’m praying for someone today that the arrow of deception that the devil has fired into your heart; I send it back to the sender in the name of Jesus!

Your true picture can only be discovered in the scripture, that is why you must make the Bible your best book. Jesus discovered His true identity from the scripture, the whole eyes focused on Him. He became the focal point.

When you discover your true identity from the scripture, people focus on you and become a wonder. When you look at the devil’s mirror, you will see the opposite of what God sees you.

Error is what you fall into repeatedly, mistake is the wrong you do ignorantly, error is the wrong thing that you do when you actually know what is right.

The spirit of error that is sent from hell to ground your life and destiny shall expire in the name of Jesus! I pray again for someone here that loves his or her destiny, every error in your life shall be corrected in the name of Jesus

Judas found himself in the place of regret because he allowed the spirit of error to overcome him. Error is the enemy of truth, not mistake. Mistakes are committed by good people or bad people but error are allowed by wicked minds. You practice error by avoiding the truth, mistakes can be forgiven but error will always be judged by the righteous God. Saul offered a sacrifice when he was not supposed to; and because he allowed the spirit of error to push him, he lost his kingdom. Prophet Samuel told him that God said his kingdom will not continue. You cannot promote error and not be judged by the righteous God.

That is why you have to fight against that spirit today. To allow error to continue is to submit your authority to satan.

The spirit of error in the temple of your life, I cast it out in the name of Jesus!

One strange truth about error is that error is not just what you do, but it is what manifest in your life daily which people see and they shake their head and feel sorry for you.

As a Christian, you’re not supposed to be pitied, you’re supposed to be envied. Concerning Isaac, the Bible says he had possessions of flocks, herds, and a great number of servants and the philistines envied him. Why, because what he had; they didn’t have it. The Bible says he waxed stronger and stronger, he became wealthy and the philistine envied him.

What ever is making the unbelievers to pity you, that thing will leave your life today in the name of Jesus!

Error is what is manifesting in many lives and the unbelievers will look at believers and they will shake their heads to feel sorry. They will say ‘and this one, he said he’s praying’, ‘and this one, he said he is going to church’ but what they can see is error.

A.G.O narrates a real life incident:

A woman came here walking and I noticed someone was holding her by the side. She was putting on a big wrapper. I said what is the problem? She said she was coming from the hospital. She had a baby. When She removed her wrapper, she untied her left breast but when she unloosened it, the left breast was so long that it touched the ground. The hospital tried to do what they could but it kept getting growing longer. At one point, the hospital could not attend to her situation again and told her that she should find a church to go to as it is not ordinary. I asked where her husband is, she said he’s nowhere to be found. The baby she had was also dead.

How does this spirit of error manifest in our lives. The book of Ecclesiastes explained to us in detail. Ecclesiastes 10:5-7

Foolishness is promoted instead of dignity. How can they be promoting foolishness? A foolish man or woman is placed in high places but a man of dignity is in low places. Are you not seeing this today in our country? Foolishness is promoted, dignity is relegated.
The rich sit in low places. The rich are not supposed to sit in low places, they are supposed to sit in high places.
It says servant are riding on horses. How can servants be riding on horses. Servants are meant to serve. The Bible says the wealth of the gentiles are made up for us. Christians are supposed to be the richest on earth. I’m praying for someone here today, every error in your life shall be corrected in the name of Jesus! There is nothing like accident in the realm of the spirit, some things that happened are caused by the kingdom of darkness. That is why you must personally engage yourself in this battle.
When servants are riding on the horses, it can be referred to as:

– we can call it satanic reversal,

– It can also be called destiny manipulation,

– backward progress,

– the testimony of the wicked,

– you can call it witchcraft manipulation,

– satanic embarrassment,

– caged star,

– arrested freedom

– but the Bible calls it an ‘ERROR’.

Please listen to these five important things:

You cannot become who you should be until you know what you should know. The truth that you know about yourself is what determines the real you.
Impossibility is only found in the dictionary of a fool. Impossibility mindset is the weapon of the enemy to keep a great destiny mind down. If certain things are impossibility in your life, then you’re the one stopping them from happening in your life.
The most important discovery in life after you have discovered God is your true identity. Jesus knew what he was and always saying it and shouting it. He said ‘I’m the living bread’. ‘I’m the way, the truth and the life’. He was shouting it. He said ‘I’m the good shepherd’. He even said ‘I and my father, we are one’.
Until you believe in yourself, You will never believe in the future. No matter what people are saying, until you believe in yourself; you will never believe in your future.
People may doubt what you’re saying but they will believe what they see in your life. Jesus said except these people see, they won’t know.

Error can show up as bondage. Bondage is inability to attain to the revelation of God about your life.

– It is an error to remain jobless.

– It is an error not to be appointed a minister of the gospel.

– It is an error to be seeing strange things in your dream.

– It is an error to be owing rent fee.

– It is an error to be molested by spirit husband and spirit wives.

– It is an error to be weak spiritually when it says be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might,

– It is an error to be lazy in the place of prayer,

– It is an error when it is your wife that is feeding you,

– It is an error for witchcraft power to be denying you of your right.

There is somebody hearing me now, the error in your life shall be corrected in the name of Jesus!

– It is an error for the unbelievers to be ruling over you,

– It is an error for you to be begging around to eat.


That error must be corrected, that error must vanish, you must stop the manifestation of the spirit of error. There is a man or woman here, your coming here today is ordained by God so that the book of remembrance concerning you will be opened.

Prayer Rain:

After Search the scriptures, prayers by Pastor C. Imoru:

1 My father, empower me to overcome flesh in the name of Jesus!

2 You power of flesh over my life, die in the name of Jesus!

3 My Father, I want to have the mind of Christ, help me Lord in the name of Jesus!

Before Hymnal ministration prayers:

4 My Father, put upon me a garment of favor in the name of Jesus!

5 Oh God of the end time, visit me by fire in the name of Jesus!

6 The miracle of ‘how did it happen’, my life is available, appear in the name of Jesus!

Before Ministration prayers, by A.G.O:

Before you call, God will answer. While you are still speaking, He will bring it to pass. There is someone here this morning, your long awaited testimony will appear by fire in the name of Jesus! You have come here to seek God, it is guaranteed that you will not go back home empty handed in the name of Jesus!

7 Where the devil say I’ll not reach, oh God arise: and plant me there in the name of Jesus!

Everybody, this next prayer concerns all of us and pray it from the bottom of your heart:. Remember Lazarus, a covenant child of the King, a righteous man, Lazarus the one that had connection with God. Lazarus that went to heaven but here on earth, he ate from the dustbin. Abraham, a friend of God are from the table. You either from the table or from the dustbin.

8 Every evil arrangement to make me eat from the dustbin, scatter in the name of Jesus!

God is not our house boy, he’s the Almighty. When you’re before him and he expect you to cry before him and you’re just gentle, deliverance will not happen. Everyday, there is a new blessing, there is a new promotion, there is a new breakthrough that God prepares for his Children. There is a new blessings today which your l fe must experience. If God has prepared something for you and you don’t have what it takes to grab it, He will give it to someone else that is more serious.

9 The vow of the wicked against my breakthrough, break in the name of Jesus!

10 Raise your two hands up: The serpent of disappointment, I’m not your candidate, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus!

Jesus commanded the wind to still. He commanded the storm to keep quiet and it happened. The Bible says the disciples were filled with wonders. They said what kind of man is at his that even the wind and the storm obeyed him. Jesus became a wonder in His generation. This is your next prayer:

11 Oh God arise and make me a wonder in the name of Jesus!

During ministration Prayers by A.G.O:

12 Manifestation of the spirit of error, your time is up, get out of my life in the name of Jesus!

After Ministration prayers by A.G.O

13 Bondage of darkness in my life, enough is enough, break in the name of Jesus!

14 Oh God arise and repair my life in the name of Jesus!

15 Powers oppressing my glory, right now, die in the name of Jesus!

16 Every good thing that I have lost in the dream, I recover you now in the name of Jesus!

17 Spirit of error in my life, get out in the name of Jesus!

18 Error is my life, be corrected by fire in the name of Jesus!


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