Celebrity Chat Interview Of The Week With Oba Reengy

Celebrity Chat Interview of The Week With Oba Reengy [@obareengy, @RealSammySas @NgospelMedia] - I Believe Lack Of Structure, In Real Sense There's No Gospel Industry Anywhere Yet... Words from Nigerian Born, Indiginoious rapper, Oba Reengy. On his exclusive celebrity of the week Interview Hosted By Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Pls can we meet you?

Oba Reengy: Yes Sir, My Name Is Dotun Peter's Stage Name Oba Reengy I'm A Indigenous Hip-hop Artiste

Sammy Sas: Tell us about your early days in life growing up?

Oba Reengy: Growing Up For Me Was Interesting... Every Day Was Like A Movie And Because I Wasn't Raised In A Behind Area, I Had To See Some Things That Were Not So Pretty But I Believe It Was All God Preparing Me For Where I'm Going #Grateful

Sammy Sas: So at what stage in life, did you discovered you had a passion for music?

Oba Reengy: I Was Raised In A House Full Of Music... I Grew Up To Know My Dad Listening To "Baba Ara" Tapes And My Big Sis Also Is A Music Lover, So Music Has Been Part Of My Life At A Point During My Secondary School Days My Mom Will Seize My Phone And Stop Me From Watching TV Because I Was So About Music

Oba Reengy: Never Knew I'll End Up Doing Music

Sammy Sas: So tell us, what type of music do you do?

Oba Reengy: Afro Hiphop

Sammy Sas:  Are you a Gospel or secular musician?

Oba Reengy: Hmm Depends On What You Mean By "Gospel Musician" For Me I'm A Christian Who Do Music

Sammy Sas: So you don't do songs that promote the Gospel of Jesus?

Oba Reengy: Haha I Live For Him.... Jesus Is At The Center Of All The Songs I Do

Sammy Sas: So you would be tagged as a Gospel artiste if you were to be nominated for an award, right?

Oba Reengy: Smiles... If I Make It Into The Category Hallelujah!

Sammy Sas: So tell us about your journey and achievements so far, since the inception of your professional career?

Oba Reengy: I Don't See Myself As Achieved Anything Yet But I'm Really Grateful To God.... One Thing I've Come To Realise Is "If Music No Be Your Way" You'll Get Frustrated On The Journey. I Remember One Of My Early Church Program, In Abeokuta, It Was A Music Concert Vigil So There Were Quite Alot Of Artiste By The Time It Was My Turn To Come Up Around 3AM, As I Came On The Platform And Started Rapping, From Where I Was I Saw The Host Pastor Telling The MC To Go Collect The Mic From Me.

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