Thank God Lyrics By Young G.son ft Maximum Dan – [@iamGodson12]

Yeah blue flames production you know. introducing
Maximum Dan Big Jeff on the beat

Oh Lord, oh lord! I thank you, I thank you! You are
the only one that save my life, my life! Oh lord, oh
lord I thank you, you are the only one I count on,
count on.

Every time, every time you I’ve been there,you I’ve
been there, you I’ve been there throughout my days,
my days in school, in school! You have been there, you been
You are the only one I count on, on.

Chorus 2x repeat
I magnify  I glorify any time in the studio I turn mick
he has been there for me I verify I thank God for my
life feh meditating on the days am insane lying
critically sick on the sick bed I thought am gone I
thank God am gonna give thank yeah give thanks.

Chorus 2x repeat

Am giving thanks to the mighty hefty gracious glorious
precious God that makes me joyous this is
wondrous so don’t be jealous for my God is
fabulous to generous (Smile) no more sorrows, no
more pains, no more tears, I am saying goodbye to
frustration, no affliction am welcoming God affection

Chorus repeat 3x

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