Batman ,Super Man or may it be many of the epic or religious characters we have heard about, Jesus Christ looks very common from all of them. When was the last time someone said you to be like one of those hero’s? Very unlikely ! They are super human or more like gods, and we can never be like them.

On the contrary when it comes to this Jewish carpenter one reason he was born was to show the world how exactly a human has to live. The gist of his life was love. To be like Jesus is God’s expectation from our lives.

His kind of love and way of living does not come to any human naturally. One cannot live in God’s standards with human strength. We fail miserably , always ! What do we do then? We need the strength from the same Jesus who made it possible. Like how a branch needs to be engrafted to a tree for it to bear fruits, we need to abide in Jesus to bear his fruits. The resultant of any engraft is the attributes of the parent plant will be reflected in the engrafted plant.

The beauty here is that it’s a mutual handshake between you and Jesus. Once we are willing to take right decisions, God is willing to give us the strength to stand by that. May it be our anger, hate, addictions we are into, or family life, work whatever it may be. Willingness for a change from our end and abiding in Christ who will give us the required strength to bring this change in us.

Today, He is ready to help anyone who wants to live life God’s way. As the engraft sources its existence of life from the parent plant and bears fruit so you would bear fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

There is no abiding success without commitment – Tony Robbins

Written By : ICPF


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