Day 4 : Get High Quality Audio Cd’s Full Of Realism all On Stage

This should really interest you if  you like your music to have the ultimate sense of realism. There is a reason why people like Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Alvin Slaughter, Hezekiah Walker, John P. Kee, Darwin Hobbs, Joyous celebration, Isreal Houghton even Tye Tribbet all have audio albums sounding real. Very simple, they record them on stage. I’ve been producing music for about 10 years (mostly gospel) and I can tell you with all certainty, you can never get 100% studio recordings to sound like stage. Never!! Though there are tricks to drumming, mimicking an audience, etc you will never achieve the full realism that comes with stage recordings on your audio album.

In this article, I want to let you know that contrary to the belief of many Nigerians and some Africans, you can record your music here on stage with your audience and obtain very similar results like the people I mentioned above whose sounds we’ve come to love.
This is particularly important in participative music like gospel music. I’ll encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities made available for you to start recording your album on stage.
Trust me, it’s the best way to go if your audio cd is to have the ultimate realism‎. That is what people want to experience when playing your cds. If you don’t believe me, ask Sinach.
Keep making great recordings live..

Written By : St Harmony


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