Unashamed World’s Film Starring Lecrae And 116 Clique Announces Release Date @UnashamedWorld

Unashamed World, the long-awaited film by director Art Hooker on Lecrae and his fellow 116 Clique members’ grassroots movement which went global, officially has a release date. Unashamed World will hit theaters nationwide on June 1, according to a trailer released this week.

Fans can request Unashamed World in a theater near them through the film’s website. Below is a synopsis of the project. “Unashamed World follows one of the hottest names in hip-hop music today, two- time Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae. From a tiny garage start-up to becoming a global phenomenon, this film grants unprecedented access to Lecrae and the 116 Clique (Trip Lee, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, Sho Baraka, KB, Derek Minor and DJ Official) through never-before-seen personal and performance footage.

“Director Art Hooker delivers a deft and lively narrative of the 17-year ups-and- downs of Lecrae’s music career from house parties to sold-out stadiums. Unashamed World is the first hip-hop film created for the fans by the fans, featuring adrenaline-filled concert montages and fan-created videos and interviews, challenging audiences to rise up to live an unashamed life.”


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