News: Da’ T.R.U.T.H Canon And PyRexx Start Off SXSW 2016 With Impressive Day 1 Showcase

On the first day of the music leg of SXSW 2016, a trio of Christian rappers combined for a showcase that began the week on a high note.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Canon and PyRexx performed on Tuesday for JAM Booking’s showcase at Rooftop On Sixth, and Rapzilla collected several positive reactions to the show.

PyRexx kicked things off, and most of note was his performance of a new, unreleased song called “Open It”. He performed alongside his son, JoJo, and T Burton.

“It was my first time seeing PyRexx perform,” Reflection Music Group artist Tony Tillman said. “I really appreciated his energy and stage presence.”

Canon followed with an energetic and emotional set, which included a performance of his latest single about depression, “Take It All Away”. He performed the extended version of the song,

“I really felt like Canon took the show to a whole nother level when he left the stage and climbed up on the center platform and got super turnt,” Live radio host Chris Chicago said.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. closed the evening, and the legendary performer captivated the crowd, which — given that it was at a bar on 6th Street — was likely mixed with his fans and attendees of the festival who were unfamiliar with Christian hip hop. That probable mix didn’t stop him from worshiping God, as well as engaging the crowd to worship with him.

“Manny is still a beast of a performer and can always bring any crowd to worship!” ARTSO founder Trisha Bell said.

“Shout out to Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Canon, PyRexx and our guest Jarrell for their explosive performances, making our event a huge success!” JAM Booking agent/owner Jimmie A. McDowell said. “Thank you to all of the artists, labels, radio, media and fans that came out to support!”

“I thought it went very well, man,” rapper Ty Brasel said. “PyRexx had everybody ready to open a Bible while dabbing, and people had a great time during his performance. Canon has great crowd
control, and it really felt like he took us on a journey with his music, and Da’ T.R.U.T.H. closed out with a high-energy performance that closed out the show perfectly.”

“It was so dope to see that even though the ‘CHH’ sets were all extremely diverse, we shared common ground in the message,” rapper Angie Rose said. “The manner in which it was delivered varied, but the message remained the same. Ultimately, I was reminded that unity is not uniformity.
We all have the goal of sharing Jesus even though the way we do it is different. And that’s beautiful!”


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