Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Money?

Many people live their lives thinking, “If I just had a bigger salary, I would be happier.” They live life with ongoing and often unexamined tension related to money, finding themselves unable to escape the credit-card trap or free themselves from the fear of not having enough for the future. CEO of Thrivent Financial Brad Hewitt and psychologist Dr. Jim Moline write in their book, Your New Money Mindset: Create a Healthy Relationship with Money (Tyndale House Publishers/October 20, 2015/ISBN: 9781496407801/$15.99), the belief that simply having more will solve all money problems is completely false.

Through personal anecdotes, scripture and timely research, Hewitt and Moline reveal that financial peace has much more to do with one’s relationship with money rather than money itself. They invite readers to spend more time examining their fundamental attitudes toward the financial resources they have and aligning those views with their core values — and it all starts in the heart.

Hewitt explains that Your New Money Mindset is different from other books on the topic of finances because it encourages readers first to examine their motivations toward money. “Before you can remake your habits, you need to remake your heart. Financial guidance usually begins with advice about the mechanics of money management, such as debt repayment, retirement planning and college funding, without talking about the heart motivations. From virtually all the new behavior economics research, we know financial motivations have profound physiological and behavioral implications. Based upon how much money is talked about in scripture, we believe it has spiritual implications, too.”

Breaking away from the regular mold of financial books, Your New Money Mindset:

  • Defies the consumerism that infects our culture and sickens people’s hearts.
  • Shows readers how to approach the tension they feel about money so they can experience greater contentment and peace.
  • Guides readers to live generously with their time, energy and paychecks.
  • Provides an online assessment tool to help determine attitudes toward finances.
The ultimate goal for readers of Your New Money Mindset is to cultivate what Hewitt calls a surplus mindset, where they truly believe they have enough for themselves and enough to share. He adds, “We believe if people — especially Christians — could have a healthier relationship with money, it would change the world. People can be free from the slavery of a consumer culture, enabling them to live openheartedly with their time, energy and finances.”

Regardless of their current financial situation, all readers are invited to journey with Hewitt and Moline toward transforming their relationship with money by remaking their heart.


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