O’Tunmise and Club 405 debuts with God’s Children @OtunmiseAjani

O’Tunmise and Club 405 is a vibrant group of contemporary Christian singers and musicians alike.
Led by Oluwatunmise Ajani, the band know and believe that God is very much interested in our everyday lives as humans; the work of His creative hands, and most especially as believers; sons and daughters of the Most High.

We are a pure expression of God’s love and will to mankind, and we believe as we sing our songs and play our music, everyone who hears and listens will come to a realization of God’s will for them in their everyday life, find joy, comfort and hope even in moments of despair and a deeper revelation of God’s love for all. Listen to our songs and see for yourself!

 God’s Children [Download]

About the single track God’s Children 
God’s Children is a debut single track released from the Father and Child EP by O’Tunmise and Club 405. This track talks about the truth; that we are God’s Children and consequently we are to be light bearers in the practical sense of it because our Father is light. This is a wakeup call to every one of us who claims to be a “Child of God” to rise up and burn bright. Shine your light so bright for the world to see in spite of your present status. Make a resolution to be true to who you really are- A change agent; light in a world so dark!         I DARE YOU TO BURN BRIGHT!

Twitter: @OtunmiseAjani                                    


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