Kirk Franklin under fire for participating in Kanye West’s Album recording.

Gospel music superstar Kirk Franklin has since been under harsh criticism for being part of the much talked about ”Gospel Album” of Kanye West. The album which is currently titled WAVES has been garnering lots of media buzz. Since after declaring that he is Losing his religion  in his last album, Kirk Franklin has also come under fire from conservative Christians who feel he is becoming world and is becoming ” Yoked with unbelievers” This criticism is chiefly pushed by the head pastor of EX ministries Craig Lewis. he posted it on their website and even preached a sermon about it. A picture of Kirk in the company of Kanye West, 2 chainz . P Diddy , Mike Dean and some other HipHop big wigs hit the internet earlier this week and since then tongues have been wagging. As we await the release of this so called Gospel album of Kanye West, we hope that Kirk got the chance to preach to him, or is Kanye born again already ?


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