Ebeneza (Ebenezer) Lyrics by Edna Lotole

Ee Jehova alosun inye koigeny (Oh Lord I will praise You forever)
Inye kityo ne amwechinin nguno (Only you from whom I seek refuge)
Mami age netinye riranet kipkoi (No one else has mercy forever)
Inyegei kityo Ebeneza (You alone are Ebenezer)

Nei u iti tulondok eng’ kimnatenyim (The one who sets mountains in their places)
Nei kochini tuletab nyanjoshiek kosis (The one who calms the storms)
Tuletab bek che mi loigeny ainosiek (And the noise of the waves)
Jehova kolosunet koneng’ung’et (Lord, all praise belongs to you)


Inyiti bek kole kigerer koma ranei  (You send abundant rains on ploughed land)
Iribrib komoswek chi che usundotin  (You shield where young plants grow)
Itangusieng’ ropta ne inesi  (You soften the soil with the water)
Jehovah neng’ung’ torornatet (Lord, all glory belongs to You)


Kiwal nyanjet kowegei mei neyamat  (He parted the waters of the sea)
Kilandae ainet kobunei kelyekchin  (He walked on water)
Inen ribei sobonwek cho kosopschon  (He shields and heals our spirit)
Laitoriani kamuktaindenyo koigeny  (Lord,  rule forever)


Inyiti kenyit mieindanyi  (You fill our harvest with your goodness)
Ak sauot boiyet eng ngatinweguk  (Amd provide plenty wherever you go)
Sachin choto kewachei kabong’ate  (The pastures are filled with flock)
Aki ratet tulondok boiboindo (And the hills are full of joy)



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