Na God Lyrics By: G-Clan - @gclanqed Prod. by @Egar_Boi

Na God Lyrics By: G-Clan -  @gclanqed Prod. by @Egar_Boi

G-clan, egarboi, na god….

Verse one:

I’m not ashamed not ashamed of the gospel
I can do all things no be my muscle
I’m fresh morning fresh noon all day
My name is written in the hall of fame
Money comes easy like a b c
Counting my blessings like its 1 2 3
I lay hands and the sick gets healed
Performing miracles like pastor chris
-whenever i’m in the bank i’m always in the bulk room
Call me duffle bag boy cos i leave the bank full
Ima ima a big boy
Too much grace to enjoy
When i say i’m automatic that’s 3 points joooh!

Who made the blind man see? Na god!
Who gave the multitude fish to eat? Na god!
Who made peter walk ontop the sea? Na god!
For you to fly from here to overseas? Na god!
Hey! Ha! No be god?
Na god!
No be god?
Na god!
Shea no be god?
Na god!....

Verse two:
From the cracks of the pavements i rose-boss
A lion amongst sheep i’m the one and suppose
Front lead and only will there ever be one me
Try to take my crown, but you ‘ll never become king
They say the truth is bitter and i ‘v been hated for it’s taste
But i bare on my body mark of christ you can’t erase
If i fall it doesn’t matter, cos my god will lift me higher
When they gather for my matter, them go fall down yakata!
Can i be a failure? No way! ----
Who made it possible? Yaweh!
From my head to my toes all designers
I should have a nick name like errm prada
I’m a poet i’m a rapper and basketller
First born of my incredible father
My wilderness has become a fruitful field
Jehovah jireh now my bank account is big.


Everything i need complete
Made me untouchable from my head to feet
No be by my power oo
Omoh na god oo
If you know say na god lets do this
3 2 1 ha!
No be god? Na god! (3*)

Chorus till fade with instrumentals…….



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