LifeIssuesWithTayo: "The Basket That Drops Virtues" by Tayo || @debbietayo

LifeIssuesWithTayo: "The Basket That Drops Virtues" by Tayo || @debbietayo

Featured Post -  I was sleeping recently when the Holy Spirit said this to me loud and clear 'The Basket That Drops Virtues', I instantly opened my eyes and pondered on the topic, I needed to understand before I put down anything in this place so, I asked God for more understanding, I got it almost immediately. (God cares about all LifeIssuesWithTayo readers, this website was created because of you and you so, whenever I write here, kindly take it like God is speaking to you, thanks.)

So many of us today have dropped our virtues in baskets that leak or baskets that aren't original or baskets that have holes in them and so, virtues drop or fall and unfortunately might not be able to be packed or picked, it can be sad.

A man/woman who is not or was not meant for you to marry comes around you, you let this person into your life and you feel you have found your Romeo/Juliet, you go ahead allowing him/her to sleep with you. He or she leaves after sleeping with you for a while and getting all your benefits, while he/she was sleeping with you, you were losing your virtues, virtues that cannot be taken again.

What the Holy Spirit told me this morning is that some of you have lost it, you have lost your virtues but don't be sad, we are in the mercy period, Jesus Christ wants to get your virtues back for you and even give you more.

He wants to give you the right and real basket your virtues should enter (Trust in the Lord at all time and lean not on your understanding), He wants to stop all the people your are tied to sexually (Soulties), He wants to heal you and even bless you.

Come to Him today,

He is the only one that can give you your own basket, the one that won't leak,

I care,

He cares more,

It's In You.

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