Extraterrestrial IBK Spaceshipboi To Represent Nigeria in 1Beat Music Program 2015 || @spaceshipboi

Extraterrestrial IBK Spaceshipboi To Represent Nigeria in 1Beat Music Program 2015 || @spaceshipboi

We are happy to inform you that IBK Spaceshipboi has been selected to represent Nigeria at the 1BEAT music program. A program that brings together emerging musical leaders from around the world to collaboratively create original work and develop a global network of civically engaged music initiatives. This year IBK Spaceshipboi makes it in as one of the 25 creative musicians (fellows) selected on the program.  

These boundary-breaking fellows from 17 different countries and territories, including Russia, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Venezuela, Nigeria and the U.S., bring singular and compelling stories, and range from experimental producers to deeply-rooted traditional virtuosi to indie-rockers and more.

They join together from October 12- November 11, 2015 in Saratoga, Califonia and will later tour different cities in the United States showcasing their collaborative works and inspiring people as they go. 

"Music is a universal language and it breaks cultural, ethnic,religious and language barriers. That's why we have set out to show the world the power of OneBeat" - IBK Spaceshipboi

“A United Nations of Music … world music in its truest sense.”- The New York Times

"Visit www.1beat.org to know how you can be a part of this program next year." - IBK Spaceshipboi

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Instagram: @spaceshipboi 

Watch the 2014 1 Beat presents video and know more about this amazing experience: 

What is OneBeat?
OneBeat is a music exchange and incubator for music-based social entrepreneurship, where innovative musicians from around the world launch collaborative projects designed to make a positive impact on local and global communities. An initiative of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and produced by Found Sound Nation, OneBeat is cultivating a groundbreaking international network of leading artistic, technological, and social innovators in music. 

Source - www.1beat.org


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