Restorer Of Riches feat. MOSA Lyrics By TY Bello @tybellotweets

Restorer Of Riches feat. MOSA Lyrics By TY Bello @tybellotweets

Restorer of riches
You restored my true riches
You came and You rescued me
My Salvation
From a world lacking in freedom
Sing it again, Oh

Bgv:                                                                   TY:
Restorer of riches                                                Restorer
You restored my true riches                              You restored me. You…
You came and You offered me                          Offered me
Sweet salvation                                                    A sweet deliverance
Now my heart rests in Your freedom

By Your sacrifice for me

Bgv:                                                                   TY & MOSA:
My Hero, my Hero
Jesus Messiah                                                      Jesus Messiah
My Redeemer and Saviour                                Messiah. Messiah
Rebirthing me truly Yours                                 Rebirthing me truly Yours, yeah
Restorer of riches                                                       Restorer
My Shepherd and Keeper
Guiding and leading me to love undeserving      You are guiding and leading me to love undeserving
And a grace so amazing                                            And a grace so amazing

My Hero, my Hero (Hero, You're my Hero)        My Hero, my Hero
Champion of joy and peace                                     You are. Oh yes You are Jesus
My Redeemer and Saviour                                      Thank You for saving me
Embracing me totally                                               TY & MOSA:
Jesus, my Hero (Hero, You're my Hero)              Yeah. Jesus my Hero
I give You all of me                                                   I give You all of me
My Restorer of riches                                              My Restorer of riches
Now more precious than anything                       Now more precious than anything

You are the Strength of my life                             You are the Strength of my life
Take me away
With You my King I know                                      Oh hide me in Your shadow
I'll be safe from all harm                                         I'll be safe
Take me away                                                            I love to be in Your presence Lord

Carry me in Your arms                                            Hide me in Your shadow; I'll be safe
I'll fly away with You my King                               With You my King
Cover me with Your wings                                     Would You cover me with Your wings
Take me away                                                           Oh You shelter me Jesus

My Hero, my Hero                                                  So amazing
Jesus Messiah
My Redeemer and Saviour                                   Messiah
Embracing me totally                                            Embracing me

Jesus, my Hero (Hero, You're my Hero)           You are
I give You all of me                                                 I give You all of me
My Restorer of riches
Now more precious than anything 
Jesus Is Coming Again for His! are You Read? Prepare now to meet Him on that Last Day!!!


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