Maserekere Lyrics By FLOROCKA Ft. Sunkey || The Impressions Album @florocka

Maserekere Lyrics By FLOROCKA Ft. Sunkey || The Impressions Album @florocka

Verse 1
See a lot of people really don't know me
All they can ever decipher is what they see
Mi o k'egbe k'egbe, mi o kuku rinrin osi
Mi o kuku soso kuso
Cos I really don't have the time at all
I'm a warrior, yes I'm a fighter
I'm so anointed, very very gifted
O yes I'm a soldier, stronger than goliath

(Let me buttress my point just a little more)
See you've got to be careful of oririsi eniyan
Don't make the mistake of thinking that everybody is on your side
Everyman is a poster, facial expression no be character
I thank chineke me (my God), say man no be God o
Thank God say my life dey him hand o
If oghene me do you well o
Let me see your hand up
Follow me sing ,say

Na na na na na na na na

 Verse 2
One thing I know for sure
Whatever you sow, you go surely reap o
Everybody wants to be a governor
Nobody wants to serve anymore
Everybody wants to drive a range rover
Everybody wants his cup running over
Nobody lives with patience anymore
Right now everybody wan go solo
It's about time you got to know
That the life God gave you is not for show
Once you begin to realign
Everything will fall in place
Ore mi ye se'repa mo
Stop desecrating your temple
If you're a believer, yes I'm follower
Put your fist up and follow me sing this song

Na na na na na na na na

Whatever you sow, you will surely reap alone
Whatever you do, think of tomorrow
Na na na na na na na
A re ma ma se'repa mo
Na na na na na na na

Jesus Is Coming Again for His! are You Read? Prepare now to meet Him on that Last Day!!!


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