I'm a Believer Lyrics By FLOROCKA Ft. Pastor J @florocka

I'm a Believer Lyrics By FLOROCKA Ft. Pastor J @florocka

Verse 1
Unstoppable, unshakable, unbreakable, that's who I am
Untouchable, unbeatable, uncrushable, that's who I am
Incredible, supernatural, impeccable, that's who I am,
Spiritual, intellectual, so exceptional, that's who I am

Chorus: I'm a believer

Verse 2
Don't ever underestimate my personality
Don't you ever question my ability
Don't mistake my silence for stupidity
Don't you ever question my credibility

Unmistakable, undeniable is what I stand for
Multi-dimensional, unconventional, very radical
Highly commendable, yes I'm a believer

Chorus: I'm a believer 


Chorus: I'm a believer 

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