CHANTE Lyrics By Ajuju ft Olaomega

CHANTE Lyrics By Ajuju ft Olaomega


Chante Halleluyah ahya
Halle chante halle halla
When you wake up in the morning sun
Give praise to God who keeps you alive/2x
Chante eh eh…
Chante eh eh…
Chante eh eh…
Chante eh eh…

[Verse 1][Rap]

Every morning I wake up praise Jah for
these faces I see
This air that I breathe but still see some
haters who wan’ come take it from me
Put me down six feet
Lay me down as a rock so they’ll trample
on me
But I give thanks, yes,
And I bless Jah cause He’s standing by
Through all of the stress and the madness
Recess and my up grace
All day I dey chante so I fear not what you

I’m the son of the sun, In love with the one

Chilling on top like a cloud on the run
So even if you stood pointing the gun
Pull the trigger na yourself you go burn
I dey twale, Baba which way? I pray
Never let ‘em slip or slide me,ride me
Oluwa rise me
let me take the flight
Stretch out my wings
In this fight I see things clear
I’m getting it right
So I chante at morning and chante at


[Verse 2]

When you see the birds, flying high up in
the sky
All of them dey like to chante
And when you see the trees
The breeze dey blow them all around
All of them dey like to chante
You say you worship a God, your eyes
cannot see
But you surely stand alone
If you do not believe in me
I made the heavens and the earth
I made the sky, I made the sea
I made the universe and everything
Therein bounds to me
O Lord, I pray you shall not destroy
If you will only see the rainbow in me, Oh-

This is why me, I dey chante

Anywhere, everywhere wey me I dey
From the monday to the sunday
Na hu tutu Na ha ban ney sey
See, I am nothing without you
And we are so hopeless and helpless
without you
So we chante halleluyah ahya
And we halle chante halle hallai
When you wake up in the morning sun
Give praise unto Jehovah on high
Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah…
Chante, chante, chante…..



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