Beauty of Jesus Lyrics By Innocent Josh @david_glaze

Beauty of Jesus Lyrics By Innocent Josh @david_glaze

Verse 1 
We ‘ve to worship your name 
I stand to behold your glory 
Am confident nothing that can stop me e 
From singing your praise. 
When i look upon the heavens 
I can behold your glory. 
I can see you mighty. 
And your power is so great. 
That’s why we say.

The Beauty Of Jesus 
The Beauty Is So Great 
The Beauty Of Jesus(2X)

Verse 2 
Look Around The Heavens 
Look At 24 Elders, 
And All The Host Of Angels, 
They Are Stock Together In Angles 
They Are Singing Your Praise. 
They Are Lifting You High 
They Are Singing You Are Worthy. 
We’ve Come To Say.

Chorus (Repeated)

Verse 3 
Who Gives You Life Every 
Who Makes The Light To Shine On You 
If Not Of His Beauty,
I Could Have Been In The Miry Clay 
But His Grace Brought Me Forth 
That I May His Praise 
And With My Voice Lifted Up. 
To Confess That This 
Repit korus(3x) 
Iye(2x) o no 
You make me wonder 
You are awesome wonder 
You are mighty my daddy

Repeat Chorus(1x) 
Thank you Lord 
We Say Thank U


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