A sister was about to embark on a journey, so she got into the car and as she journeyed, she got to a T-Junction; with a road leading to the right and the other leading to the left. She got confused on which road to follow and she couldn't turn back! Suddenly she heard a voice from behind: 

The Voice: My dear, follow the road on the right and not the one on the left.

The sister: Who are you?

The Voice: 'I am the Builder of both roads' and I know what lies ahead of each!

The sister: Then you must be wicked! How dare you tell me to follow the road on the right, can't you see its so dark, how do I make my way through? Whereas the road on the left is full of bright lights, I will rather follow the road on the left!

The Voice: 'I am the Builder of both roads and also the Inventor of light'; my dear, follow the road on the right. The sister became more confused! The Voice kept on warning her, but she refused. After struggling for a while not to listen to the Voice, she then headed for the road on the left. At the beginning of the journey, the lights on that road were able to illuminate her path and she drove quite fast; but alas, on getting to the middle of the journey, the lights went off! She had to bring the car to a halt; she was shocked, surprised and scared! Everywhere was filled with thick darkness; she looked around and cried out for help but no one came to her aid. She wanted to reverse, but found out that the car had no reverse gear. She got stuck in between, couldn't move forward nor backward. Then she turned sideways towards the road on the right that she neglected, and behold she saw bright shinning lights on that road. 

She then screamed: "Someone please tell me how those lights got to that once dark road on the right"? Then the Voice answered: "I am the 'Inventor of light'. She said: "Please give me a second chance to start my journey on that road'. The Voice replied: "Oh sorry, that's too late, you missed the opportunity! Another sister is already on that road and it can only accommodate one sister at a time and not two".
The sister then looked and saw the sister on that right road beaming with smiles; and as she journeyed, the lights kept shining brighter and brighter! The sister on the left road cried and cried and wished she had obeyed the loud Voice.... (Alarm rings! Grin grin!... The sister woke up with tears in her eyes and said: 'Have I been dreaming? Oh no, that was indeed a revelation from God concerning the marital decision I am about to make between Bro A and Bro B! Thank you Lord for Your love'). Indeed, I just shared a sister's revelation with us all. It was a timely one for her at the time she was about to embark on her marital journey. So many singles today are like the sister in the revelation; they tend to predict the end of a 'path'(destiny of a man/woman) by the present 'light'(financial worth) they can see! 

They tend to be carried away by titles and turn deaf ears to God's warning. Isn't it surprising today to hear some singles say: 'I am not ready to start building a 'house' with any man/woman; I want a man with an already built 'house'. Then please, what goes to your credit if all you desire is not to contribute to the success or greatness of your man/woman but just to feed on it like a pest? Of course, if God is sincerely leading you to a man/ woman who has already been richly blessed; praise God and please gladly go for him/her! But there are times, God will lead one to someone who is just about climbing the ladder of greatness and needs you to climb that ladder with him/her. 

As godly singles, we should have that confidence in God that: "Whatever man/woman God brings to be our husband/wife, will definitely be great even if he/she isn't at the beginning. Waiting Singles, let this be your confession: "Since I am a fertile ground, and the 'Farmer' managing my farmland is God; so why should I be scared? Definitely whatever 'seed'(man/woman) God permits to grow onmy 'land', has no choice than to germinate, yield multiple fruits and even grow into a big tree and serve as a shade for others(A blessing to the world)". 

My dear brothers/sisters, we cannot predict the future of a man/woman by his/her present state! This does not rule out the fact that we should be lazy and not be diligent in our chosen career or business or ministry; God only rewards diligent servants! No 'food' for lazy man, God will not give his special son/daughter to a lazy man woman who will make him/her suffer and waste his resources! Let's also strive to live a holy life and maintain a good relationship with God so as to get His best! First thing first, It is expedient that we go to God in prayers and seek to know His will as regards marriage instead of analysing the status of a man/ woman. If it is God, It is good! Let's stop using the system of the world by trying to judge a man/woman by his financial worth, number of certificates to his/her credit, the car he has, the house he has built, the big organisation he works etc. 

No doubt, all these things are good, but do you know the end from the beginning? Then why not submit to the ALL KNOWING GOD who knows the end from the beginning and let Him direct you as regards the issue of life partner? Proverbs 3:5,6: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths". Beloved, whoever God leads us to is the best person we can ever have! He knows better than we do. Followthe 'road' God directs you to and not the other. Let's also keep preparing ourselves as singles and aim at the best in all we do. 

Let's develop ourselves spiritually, build our career/business, etc. Let success be our goal! With God on our side, we shall 'eat the good of the land'.

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