Papa Nara Ekele Lyrics By Frank Edwards

Nana nana eh
Nana nana eh (2X)

You're the only reason why
The only reason I sing my song
You're the only reason why
The only reason am living
You never Change, oh no
You never Fail, Oh no
You'r stuck in  my brain
Not letting go,
This is my song that am singing to you

Papa Nara Ekele (2X) (Thank you Father)
You're the air that I breathe
You're the reason why I sing this song
Papa nara ekele


In you I live
move and have my being
and I believe, I believe in you
You're for ever
and ever 
searched all over the world
there's no body like you,no one
you're the reason why I'm singing this song

Chorus (2X)




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