Mighty God Lyrics By Joe Praize

Oh LORD, My God, Jesus
I will speak of your glory
I will show forth your beauty
If I dance, it won’t be enough
If I shout, it won’t be enough
(Repeated 2x)

You are the great and mighty king (aah)
You rule in every nation (aah)
On Christ the solid rock (aah)
You are worthy to be praised (aah)
You are Alpha and Omega (aah)
I worship you today (aah)
In you I put my trust (aah)
Your name I will exalt (aah)

The heavens speak of your glory
And the earth of your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And your faithfulness is ever sure
(Repeated 2x)

You are the great and mighty God
So greatly to be praised
You’re beautiful for all situation
You are the joy of the whole world (Repeat)
(Repeated 2x)

Helema hele mama 8x
Hallelu halle le lujah 8x

Female Voice Adlibs:
Yelele, Uyingwele [You are Holy],
Siyakudumisa [I worship You]

Repeat Chorus 2x

Jesus, Jesus, my LORD 3x
You are the joy of the whole world

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. I love this song and it makes my soul skip for joy. indeed he is the joy of the whole world

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