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Gordon ft. Segun Obe - Cast Away.

Song Title: Cast Away. Verse I: Someday I'm going to stand... Before Jesus and I will confess, every that I have done... Here on Earth. But my hope and expectations, will be my name, be found in His Book... Ooo yeah.... Bridge I: So now that is not to late I put aside my evil ways as I press upon Him always to see him face to face knowing that someday when this world is over... I shall see my name... Chorus: I want be bold, when I stand before you Lord. And to behold the beauty of your love after all I've done... Let me rest in your warmed embraced cus' I don't want be a cast away. Verse II: Jesus I make afresh commitment to You. Please lift me up... And to do what you want me do I depend on your Grace, no more disgrace. No matter what comes my way, By your strength I rebuke that thing. Help me to conquer my weakness... Help me to deal with my flesh. Let the truth that is in youth word... Purify my heart and my thought ooo... This is m