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Topic: KNOW WHAT LIFE IS S tudy this and allow your spirit to control you. Gal. 5vs16 1.         Life is full of Challenge- You face it. 2.          Life is Stronghold-You must fight the enemy 3.          Life is a Race-You must end the race one day 4.         Life is a school-You must learn or study it well 5.         Life is Music-Dance it to the glory of God 6.          Life is Mystery-Unfold it well and know your God 7.          Life is Risk-We must take the risk &make it 8.          Life is a Business-Do it for the glory of God 9.         Life is a Game-Play it well & score the goal 10.                      Life is an Opportunity-Grab it on time to succeed 11.                      Life is a Wall clock-Clock with it & know what it is 12.                      Life is a Service-Service it & be useful to God 13.                      Life is a Raw egg-Be careful with it if not you will break it 14.                      Life is a War-Confront it and overcome 15.