Study this and allow your spirit to control you. Gal. 5vs16
1.       Life is full of Challenge- You face it.
2.       Life is Stronghold-You must fight the enemy
3.       Life is a Race-You must end the race one day
4.       Life is a school-You must learn or study it well
5.       Life is Music-Dance it to the glory of God
6.       Life is Mystery-Unfold it well and know your God
7.       Life is Risk-We must take the risk &make it
8.       Life is a Business-Do it for the glory of God
9.       Life is a Game-Play it well & score the goal
10.                     Life is an Opportunity-Grab it on time to succeed
11.                     Life is a Wall clock-Clock with it & know what it is
12.                     Life is a Service-Service it & be useful to God
13.                     Life is a Raw egg-Be careful with it if not you will break it
14.                     Life is a War-Confront it and overcome
15.                     Life is a Map-Read it wisely with understanding
16.                     Life is a Bridge-Cross it & sing praise to God
17.                     Life is a Question-You must answer it on the last day
18.                     Life is Goal-Achieve it & score it well
19.                     Life is a Plan-Plan it to get to the kingdom of God
20.                     Life is a Story-Tell it and bring soul to God
21.                     Life is a Book-Open it and study it well

To fail to prepare for life eternity with God in heaven is to prepare to go to hell with Satan and his host but that is  not your portion.


1.      write the vision down & make plan with it
2.      Never give up to challenge in life
3.      Problems & obstacle are real don’t be discourage or dismay
4.      Do it any way you can be able to do it well
5.      Do not lose focus in life time here on earth
6.      Be hard working always in solving problem life time
7.      Be a servant if you will be a master of yourself tomorrow
8.      Have goal, dream, vision and good plans in your life to go forward
9.      Always be positive and not negative in your speech
10.Good communication, information and always stay I n touch with the right people
11.Keep your mind free from grudges and learn to forgive others
12.Be where you will be celebrated honor and respected
13.Have a smiling face all through your life on earth
14.Love what you do for a living so that other door can open
15.Let envy, jealousy, greed, be far from you, they are not good
16.Be faithful at all time in everywhere you go or things you do
17.Stop procrastination because it will never allow you get things done
18.Manage your time wisely for the time is too short for everything in life
19.Learn to be patients for it is the key to success in life
20.Be grateful and thank God always for the little someone gives to you
21.Select a role model in life to follow
22.Have self control/self discipline so that you can be Honour
23.Be happy always so that the enemy will be put to shame
24.Humble yourself so that you can be promoted or exalted
25.Don’t joke with prayers because it is the for breakthrough in life
26.Don’t let a day pass by without saying JESUS thank you
27.Get more education more enlighten & social
28.Be a good listener so that you cannot be put to shame
29.Don’t be extrovert(talkative) so that you will not sin
30.Be a good thinker so that you will be a mentor to others
31.When things get tough, for tough times never last, but tough people do
32.When things get rough, be rough to achieve your aim
33.Have a good mentor for a tree cannot make a forest
34.Keep doing the right things at the right time
35.Read good books and study your bible, also preach to others
36.Attend seminars and be regular in all your fellowship day
37.Listen to good messages that will help for your spiritual growth
38.Learn to help others come your way
39.Learn to tell people some sweet words e.g you look great
40.You are not doing bad you are growing
41.Make God your father & recognize him always in your life
42.Be embodiment of love and peace to people around you.

Thanks and God bless you in Jesus name as you read this.